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DB Electrical AND0554 New Alternator For Caterpillar Asphalt Paver Ap755 W Cat C7 Engine, Excavator 320C 320D 322C 324D 330C 330D 365B 385C, Wheel Loader 928 928G 928H 928HZ ND021080-0730 400-52144

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Alternator For Caterpillar 320C Cat. 3066 1999-2005, 320D Fm Cat. C6.4 05-On, 320D Log Loader Cat. C6.4 05-On, 322C Fm Lgp Cat. 3126B 01-On, 322C Forest Swing Cat. 3126B 01-On, 324D Fm Lgp Cat. C7 06-On, 325C Forest Swing Machine Cat. 3126B 01-On, 325D Forest Swing Machine Cat. C7 06-On, 325D Material Handler Cat. C7 06-On, 330C Cat. C9 02-On, 330C Forest Swing Machine Cat. C9 02-On, 330C L Cat. C9 02-On, 330C Ln Cat. C9 02-On, 330D Custom Waste Handler Cat. C9 06-On, 330D Forest Swing Machine Cat. C9 06-On, 330D Material Handler Cat. C9 06-On, 365B Cat. 3196 1998-2001, 365B L Cat. 3196 1998-2001, 365B L Material Handler Cat. 3196 1998-2001, 365B L U Front Shovel Cat. 3196 1998-2001, 365B Material Handler Cat. 3196 1998-2001, 365B Series Ii Cat. 3196 01-On, 365C L Cat. C15 04-On, 365C L Material Handler Cat. C15 04-On, 374D L Cat. C15 08-On, 385C Cat. C18 2005-03-On, 385C Fs Cat. C18 03-On, 385C L Cat. C18 03-On, 385C Material Handler Cat. C18 03-On, 5090B Cat. 3456 2002-2005, 815F Series Ii Soil Cat. C9 06-On, 816F Series Ii Landfill Cat. C9 2007-2009, 825H Soil Cat. C15 05-On, 826H Landfill Cat. C15 04-On, 836H Landfill Cat. C18 04-On, 928G Cat. 3056 1996-2003, 928H Cat. C6.6 2008-2011, 928Hz Cat. C6.6 2007-2012, Ap755 Cat. C7 , Pm-200 Cat. C18 , Pm-201 Cat. C18 , Pm-465 Cat. 3406 . 24 Volt, 80 Amp With Internal Regulator. Replaces Caterpillar 0R4841, 10R-9789, 10R-9790, 177-9953, 197-8820, 257-9466; Denso 101211-8270, 101211-8271, 101211-8272, 101211-8340, 101211-8341; Dixie Chopper 146-50204.
100% Brand New Aftermarket Unit
NOT Remanufactured
Meets or Exceeds OEM Specs for Fit and Performance

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