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Caterpillar 1R0762 1R-0762 FUEL FILTER Advanced High Efficiency Multipack (Pack of 2)

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WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER 657G,637D,631E,623F,637G,623E,627G,621G,623G,621F,633D,623B,631G,657E,621B,631D,637E,633E II,657B,621H,651B,627F,627H,627E,623H,621E PIPELAYER 583T,PL83,561N,PL87,587T ENGINE – GENERATOR SET C9,C15 UNDERGROUND ARTICULATED TRUCK AD30,AD45B FOREST PRODUCTS TK752,541 2,TK721,580B,522B,2390,552,TK1051,511,TK751,2491,TK741,TK732,570B,TK722,552 2,551,541,521B,521,2391,522,2290,TK711,322C,532,2590 WHEEL-TYPE SKIDDER 535C,525C,545C EXPANDED MINING PRODUCTS MD6290,MD5125 OFF-HIGHWAY TRUCK 770,772 OEM SOLUTIONS 336D L,325D L,329D L,336D,330D,325D,324D LN,330C,325C,330D L COLD PLANER PM-201,PM-102,PM-200 TRACK-TYPE TRACTOR D6T,D6R XL,D6R III,D6R II,D6R,D6N,D8N,D8T,D5N,D7R,D6R LGP,D6R STD,D7R LGP,D7R XR ENGINE – MACHINE 3176C,C-12,C-9 TRACK-TYPE LOADER 973C,973D,963C,953C PETROLEUM PRODUCTS C9,CX31-C11I,CX31-C13I,C13,C11,TH35-C11I,TH35-E81,TH35-C13I,CX31-P600,TH31-C9I,CX31-C9I,TH31-E61,TH31-C9P,C7 COMBINE 480 R,460,470,485 R,465 MOTOR GRADER 12M,140M,12H,140K,14M,16M,160M,120H,140G,160K,24M,140K 2,120K,16H,135H,14H,140H,160H,160M 2,12K,14L,120K 2,140M 2,143H,163H WHEEL-TYPE LOADER 980F,962H,988H,972G II,962G II,980H,980G II,950G II,966G II,966H,966F II,950H,938G II,972H,980G,966D,966E,980C,966F ENGINE – INDUSTRIAL 3126B,C11,C-10,C-12,C7,C9,C13,C-9 ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCK 735 OEM,730,725,740,735,735B ENGINE – TRUCK C13 CHALLENGER 95E,MTC755,MT835,MT845,MTC765,MT855,MTC865,MT745,85E,MTC835,MTC845,MT755,65E,MTC745,MTC855,75E,MTC735,MT865,MT765,MT735 MATERIAL HANDLER M325D MH,M325D L MH ASPHALT PAVER BG-2455D,AP-1055D,AP-1000D,BG-260D,AP-755 INTEGRATED TOOLCARRIER IT38G II,IT62H,IT62G II WHEELED EXCAVATOR M325C MH,M330D,W345B II ROAD RECLAIMER RM-500,RM-300 WHEEL DOZER 834H,814F,814F II,824G II,824G,824H,824C
Advanced Efficiency Fuel Filters are designed to remove small contaminants; protecting your sensitive fuel injectors and saving you time and money from premature damage and repair.
Contaminants such as dirt and dust can taint fuel because of improper shipping or simply filling up the tank. Cat® Fuel Filters are uniquely designed to protect finely tuned engine components from harmful debris.
Efficiency Rating: Advanced Efficiency

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