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C7 Stingray Corvette Curb Alert Bumper Warning System

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Front end damage when parking is a very real problem for many cars on the road today, especially for vehicles who have installed ground effects or aerodynamic profile improvements on their vehicles. Curbs are something that are one of those road hazards that do more damage to sports cars than any other hazard on the road. In fact, just a simple trip to the corner store can become a costly errand if you over-estimate your front end clearance when parking: damage repairs could easily run $1000 or more; however, Curb Alert provides you a warning system that gives you three-deep warning tones as you approach too close to a curb with your C7 Corvette.

The Curb Alert is very easy to install and does not put a drain on your battery when the car is not on. Using a patented infrared technology, the front mounted sensor is calibrated to a warning distance of anywhere from 8-28″ (you decide with whatever you feel comfortable with). The warning alarm is hidden in the car and will give you three gentle tones when you are within a specified distance to the curb. The system gives you a short beep every time you start your car to let you know the system is active.

Prevents embarrassing parking lot moments and sounds when your bumper or front spoiler hits a curb.
Sensor can mount in a discrete manner in the front end of most any vehicle and does not require any drilling.
Advanced infra-red triangulation technology and specialized software embedded for reliable operation.
Warning distance is adjustable from 8-28 inches. (Bumper to curb)
Removable when necessary with out leaving any holes as evidence.
Automatic power-up on vehicle ignition; never a battery drain.
Alert sound volume can be set to High, Low, or Mute inside vehicle.
Installation kit includes installation procedures, all wiring, wire ties, sensor calibration procedures, and user guide.
Curb Alert For C7 Corvette – Includes Add a Fuse and Extra Fuses for quick installation
Our kit is made for 2014 C7 Corvette

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