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By admin on September 27, 2017 in Heavy Truck Parts

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Benefits of Semi Truck Accessories

Many semi truck accessories on the market today improve the performance of your class 8 truck. One benefit of those truck accessories is that they make it more fun and comfortable to drive. Additional benefit those truck accessories provide is Increased performance as well as increased wear and tear on your heavy duty truck.

Improved Look
While most truck drivers drive for the paycheck, others take pride in their rig. The right truck acceccories can make your semi sound louded and look prettier.Attracting a lot of attention is rewarding to truck drivers that take pride in their 18 wheeler. Anyone that is interested in making their big rig more powerful and attractive at the same time should check out the following semi truck accessories.

Added Functionality
Sometimes you not only want good performance but fuel efficiency. Many accessories can help with this as well.

A lot of truck drivers work long hours. Those drivers are far from home and far from their families. It’s not easy, but the hardships of being a truck driver are sometimes eased by the right semi truck accecories.

Another difficulty experied by drivers is the excessive costs of being on the road. In many cases, these semi truck accessories can save you time and money, getting you back home to your family faster, and with more of your paycheck in your pocket.

Semi Truck Accessories for Added Looks

Audio Systems
Audio systems are a fun addition to your interior if you listen to a lot of music.
Navigation comes in handy if you are on the road a lot in unfamiliar places.
Bluetooth integration is a convenient feature if you make or receive a lot of calls for work or from your family at home.

Chrome accessories
Chrome accessories such as wheels, pipes, steering wheels, pedals, tool and battery boxes, brush guards, and more can give that extra shine.
LED lighting is showy, so make sure you prepare yourself for all of that extra attention!

Window tinting
Window tinting keeps the sun from warming up the interior of your truck, making it a more comfortable ride and reducing strain on the air conditioning.
Storage and organization options abound when it comes to wanting to keep your living space on the road tidy.

Seat covers
Seat covers are more easily cleaned than seats and save you time.
Cabin air filters, especially reusable ones like K&N, keep the air inside your truck clean.

Shift extensions
Shift extension are designed for better arm reach so that you can shift more comfortably. It might help to equip your truck with a shift extension if you do a lot of city driving where you shift more often.

Driveshaft modifications
drive shaft modification can help increase performance by either shortening, straightening, or balancing.

Lift Kits
Lift kits are designed not to alter the ride of your truck, and because the shocks do not need replacing, it is a little cheaper than a suspension lift kit. It also equips the vehicle with a certain off-road advantage. However it does require lifting the body of the truck and bolting it back in place, so be sure you’re ready for the challenge!

Turbochargers run off of the waste energy produced by your engine, so they boost performance, and it is more efficient than a supercharger. It’s a pricey modification, but worth it if what you want is increased acceleration.

Stacks can improve the look and performance of your truck. Stacks are shorter and more free-flowing than exhaust pipes that exit out the back of your truck, but if you are not a fan of the look, you can tone them down by making them shorter or smaller.
Higher quality shocks improve your ride, making it more comfortable on long distances or bumpy roads.

Chips and Tuners
Chips and tuners install in your engine to give you increased power, torque, and miles per gallon.

Exhaust and intake manifolds
|Exhaust and intake manifolds make your truck more efficient. Stock components such as these are designed to reduce noise, not increase performance, so replacing them gives you more power.

If you don’t use the extra power and continue to drive the same way you did before, the savings show up in your gas mileage instead.

Trailer tails
Trailer tails reduce drag and save fuel. If you install these, you will see something between a five and fifteen percent savings.

In conclusion

Let’s face it. If you use your truck for work, you spend a lot of time inside. You should add any semi truck accessories that would make your truck be more attractivemore functional, while you are on the road.

It’s important to determine what you want out of your truck and then choose the accessories accordingly. They don’t all look good, and they aren’t all cheap, but if you choose wisely, you’ll be happy with the result and enjoy the improvements along the way.