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T2000 parts Kenworth has been in the cargo hauling business since 1912. Furthermore, their extensive experience guides them in providing greater customer satisfaction.

Any Kenwroth Truck is known to be highly durable and packed with plenty of power.

However, the  Kenworth T2000 parts are somewhat hard to come by since the unit was discontinued. However, the t2ooo is still a perfect mix of fuel economy, minimal upkeep and comfort.

Further, It is a truck that has been created to run with lower aerodynamic drag when compared with some other kenworth truck models. Hence, this important characteristic makes it more fuel efficient and in turn saves money for the driver.

The interiors of this truck are perfectly suited to create a home for the drivers when on-the-go. There are facilities for storage, refrigeration, television and a lot more.

In 2010, the T2000 was replaced by the T700. It is an upgrade to the Kenworth T2000. However, there are still many T2000 units out on the road.

Those units require original T2000 parts . Those truck parts are also called T2000 truck parts or OEM T2000 parts . It has a more aerodynamic structure and is built to give better performance on longer drives.

Popular Kenworth T2000 Parts

  • Grill Guard
  • Full and half guard styles to choose from
  • There’s the black, chrome and white colors.
  • Price for grill guard ranges from $750 to 2000.
  • You can also choose a material for the grill guard – brushed aluminum, powder coated aluminum, powder coated steel, stainless steel.

One example of a popular full guard style grill guard is the Kenworth T2000 Full Bar Rig Guard. Approximate cost of this part is $1300, and it is available in all the four material options mentioned above.

It is a 3×4 grill guard. This guard cannot be used with trucks that have a foldable bumper. Hence it works only on stationary bumper trucks. It is a popular model due to its reputation of protecting the front-end of the tractor from getting damaged.

Then there is the half guard option. The RigGuard Aluminum 2 Bar Bumper Guard KW/PB is one example of this. It is 15.5” tall and costs approximately $900. Installation is easy. It can withstand multiple animal collisions and harsh weather/road conditions.

Kenworth T2000 Hood

Kenworth T2000 Hood is the hood commonly available for this truck.

Its Price varies between $1500 and $1800.

Its 340lb body is made of fiberglass and hence more resistant to collision damage.

Some People May think getting a hood from the junk yard is a good deal. However, that hood comes with many surprises. More times than not , the brackets are shot as well as some of the wiring.

Kenworth T2000 Headlights

A Large variety of options are available for headlights.

The Replace Factory Headlights, Oracle Lighting Headlights with Color Halo and Lumen’s Custom Headlights are the ones most recommended for this truck. Prices vary from model to model.

Factory headlights can be as low as $20 and when getting them custom made the cost can go as high as $1200.

Customization of accessories gives you the privilege of purchasing accessories that are more suited to your needs and your vehicle model. Lumen’s Custom Headlights start as low as $20 and hence get you more value for the dollar. These headlights not only improve visibility on your drive but also enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

There are many options in the custom headlights too.

T2000 Diamond Crystal Headlight

You can get Rectangular Black Diamond Crystal Headlights for a simple look or go for a classier version with the Chrome Projector LED Headlights. They are thoroughly tested and offered to you at a very competitive price.

If you do not wish to bother getting customized headlights, you can always stick to the option of Replace Factory Headlights. These headlights are identical to the original ones that come with the truck. They come at a much lower price and a limited lifetime warranty.

Kenworth T2000 Other Accessories

Interior Accessories

Dash Kits

A good Dash Kit not only improves the look of your truck interiors but also leads to better handling of the vehicle. Grand General is a popular and reputed brand in Dash Kits.

The Wood Dash Kit by Grand General is made of Soft Plastic material and is easy to install.

It is tested for durability and a proper fit. The components of the Dash Kit can also be bought separately


Floor Mats

Good quality and durable floor mats are very important to make your journey comfortable. Superlamb Tailor-made Sheepskin Floor Mats are made specifically for your vehicle.

Hence, their costs are in the range of $350 – 715.
Made of a fire-retardant material, they are durable and very safe. Available in multiple color options.

The US Sheepskin® – Those floor mats are  Tailor-Made by Sheepskin.

Therefore, those  floor Mats are great option for floor mats. by default, they provide long lasting durability. As a results , their average cost is more than the typical floor mats.

Currently, they cost around $430.

Shift Knobs

A plethora of universally fitting shift knobs are available for the Kenworth T2000.

Hence, some of them like the American Shifter Plum Grenade Shift Knob are custom made and hand crafted.

They add to the originality and character of your vehicle.

The popular brands for shift knobs include MOMO, American Shifter and Sparco.

Their prices are in the range of $20-300.

See Many More Selections Bellow

T2000 Exterior Accessories

Running Boards
The Dorman® – Chrome Truck Cab Side Steps are priced approximately $165. Furthermore, their high cost could attest that they made with high quality materials. The installation is simple. The mounting brackets are included with the product.

Wind Deflectors

Belmor is a great brand for wind deflector products. These include In-Channel Smoke Ventvisors, Smoke Bug Deflector and Stainless-Steel Bug Deflectors. Prices are in the $85 – 200 range.
The In-Channel Smoke Ventvisors are priced at $86.99 and fit vehicles with sloped hoods.

They are made of smoke-tinted acrylic material and cover the tops of truck windows when open. They help bring cool, fresh air into the cabs and thus prevent over-heating. This way the drivers stay comfortable and alert during the drive.

Additional Wind Deflectors 

Wiper Blades

Trico and ACDelco are the most popular brands for truck wiper blades. Their prices start at around $7 and go up to $20. The ACDelco® – Advantage™ All Season Metal 19″ Black Wiper Blade has a complete metal body measuring at 19”.
It is equipped with the latest windshield wiper technology and is priced very competitively at $8.33. Similarly, there is the Trico® – Exact Fit™ Conventional 19″ Black Wiper Blade, that has a metal body and is easy to install. It is known for its ability to considerably improve visibility during extreme weather conditions.

Kenworth T2000 Wiper Motor

If you are going to change the wipers , you might want to change the motor too. Those motors sometimes live as long as the truck. However, sometimes they go out in few months’ time. I would not want to be in a stormy day when one of those wiper motor goes out ! Specially not on a big rig like the t2000.

Those are only few of the Kenworth T2000 truck parts in our catalog. Check the entire catalog bellow.

Other T2000 Truck Parts


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