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Heavy Duty Truck Salvage - Is it a good idea?

By admin on August 28, 2017 in Heavy Truck Parts

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Heavy Duty Truck Salvage – Is it a good idea?
The salvage heavy duty trucks may sound forbidding to the prospective buyers. There’s a big debate going on over whether it is safe to buy a heavy duty truck with a salvage title. The critics of heavy duty salvage trucks always argue that since the buyers can’t always know for sure how the truck’s condition initially was. Even then, if you are willing to take the risk, they are a great opportunity to save money when buying a heavy duty truck. Before that, one needs to understand what a salvaged vehicle really is.

What are salvaged vehicles?
Simply, these vehicles are the ones that have been wrecked, damaged, or destroyed. Their condition is very poor to the extent that the insurance company considers it useless to be repaired, as the cost gets uneconomical. However, the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the insurance companies thus the vehicle is not repaired. After this situation, the owner has issued a payout. It is determined by the pre-accident value of the vehicle. Under such circumstances, the vehicle is termed as salvaged.

To understand this, consider the example of a truck that has been involved in an accident. This truck needs more than $15,000 in repairs. Now, the insurance company will determine the pre-accidental value of the truck and will pay that amount to the owner of the truck. It would be considered a loss.

In the majority of the conditions, the heavy duty trucks undergo a substantial amount of damage. Even after the repair, the reliability and longevity of the truck are questionable. However, some may also find luck with the salvage titled trucks. Here are some of the factors associated with the heavy duty salvaged trucks.

The Mystery Factor
Finding out the history of a truck with a salvage title isn’t difficult. There are many ways you can get the information. However, there are many scenarios where a truck is branded with a salvage title. It is important to test the actual standards first like the heavy duty truck drivers do. Sometimes, the truck had a very little damage and marked as salvage while there are times when the vehicles have extensive damage to the body, electrical systems, and engine failure. In the end, a salvage title truck is always a roll of the dice.

Hassle of truck’s registration
Even if you buy a salvage truck and make all the necessary repairs for it to run, another hurdle to might have to face during the process is that of registration.
The new owner of the truck cannot register the truck and has to pass through a set of inspections and certifications. Although one can get a proof of ownership and registration application through vehicle inspection with the Highway Patrol. If the truck doesn’t undergo the inspection, it is not a suitable option to buy. The registration cannot be completed without the repairs.

Insurance Problems
Another problem by buying heavy duty salvage truck is getting through the procedures of the insurance company. They only cover the salvage trucks if you pay large premiums for the vehicle. On the other hand, some insurance companies will pay out nothing on claims because the truck has no value. So, for buying a heavy duty salvage truck, it is only a good deal if you do your homework properly and tries to negotiate a reasonable agreement.

Resale value
If you buy a new truck, there is a 100% chance you can sell it at a good price after some years. The problem with a salvage heavy duty truck is the resale. You would hardly get a good deal. Their reason being the truck owners are wary of the purchases that can’t be valued normally. In addition to this, salvage vehicles are rebuilt with low-grade auto parts. This shows that the truck owner who wants to make the most out of his salvaged heavy duty truck will not be able to drive them until they are worn out.

Pros of Buying Salvaged Heavy duty Truck Parts
However, there also some of the pros for buying a salvaged heavy duty truck.

Lower Price
Heavy duty trucks are very expensive. You have to spend plenty of money to get your hands on one. After you are done purchasing it, you have to spend on other things too like registration, insurance, etc. If you look through the right junk yard, there are chances to get salvage heavy duty trucks in a very good condition. For evaluation take an experienced mechanic with you. You can turn your heavy duty truck into something very special by making minor changes in the engine if the mechanic recommends. As a result, you save a lot of money.

Profit Potential 
You can also earn a good amount of money by investing in a salvaged vehicle. There are some cases where a smart, budget-minded human can get the insurer to take care of the reduced value of truck in exchange for a lower premium. On the other hand, you can also buy a salvage heavy duty truck with minor engine issues even the body is damaged. You can use this for shorter distances and let the big guys take care of the longer ones.

How to find gems in the salvage backyard?
You can find very good heavy duty salvaged trucks in a backyard. The experts might argue that it is a risky business. But if you want to drive a vehicle for several years and not interested in resale or investment, here’s how you can find a truck to meet your demands.
Gather the information: For this, you have to be very aggressive with the consumer. You need to find out how the truck was wrecked, whether it was due an accident or a major environmental hazard. This information is mandatory and critical for evaluating the possible damage to the systems of the truck.

1. Test drive: Always look for heavy duty salvage trucks that have engines ready to drive. This indicates that the truck has undergone very less damage and the investment on the engine can be calculated.
Discuss with the insurers: As we have already mentioned, the biggest challenge in getting a salvaged vehicle is the clearance from the insurance company in suitable premiums. Always discuss with the insurance company and look for deals covering the truck.

2. Dig around: You have to check every area of the truck. Observe very carefully the important areas of the truck such as under the hoods or under the upholstery. Doing this, you’ll be able to find the damage done by a flood or fire if any.
These are the only precautions you could take while buying a heavy duty salvage truck. However, despite all these steps, there are still many risks involved. If you are lucky, there are chances of finding a bargain. If you do find something worth investing, make sure you consult the insurance company first since it is the toughest challenge for getting a salvaged vehicle.

Finding the Salvaged Heavy Duty Trucks
There are several sources where you could find the salvage titles for sale. They can be found on the internet, local auctions, and junkyards. It is undoubtedly a great way of saving some money, but the quest of finding one that fits all the important checklists is tough. Here are some places where you could find a heavy duty salvage truck.

A. Internet
There are dozens of websites that can help the customers and connect them to a company or broker that deals with the salvage vehicles. You can easily search in your area using the internet to find a heavy duty truck that meets your criteria.
B. Local Options
The salvaged vehicles are always advertised in the local newspaper. The availability depends on your locality. If you live in populated areas, there are many chances of finding salvage title heavy duty trucks in your area.

C. Other Sources:
There are many other sources of finding a salvage title in your area. You might have difficulty in finding one if you don’t look in the right places. The right place is going to the junkyard. The junkyard owners have a yellow pages directory which will contain details of the trucks available. In this directory, there will be salvage title vehicles that you can check. So, if you are looking for heavy duty salvage truck, visit all the junk yards in your area. This business has a wide variety of vehicles and also those trucks in which you might be interested in.

In Conclusion  
There are many pros and cons of buying a salvaged heavy duty truck. The decision lies in your hand. If you want to use the truck for longer commutes, it is better to find a used truck. But if you are interested in buying a heavy duty truck for shorter distances, save some money and get a salvage title truck.