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Chrome Parts For Semi Trucks

By admin on December 31, 2017 in Heavy Truck Parts

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Top Chrome Parts To Dress Up Semi Trucks On a Budget


If you want to dress up your truck, a little chrome goes a long way. Smart accents show the world you care about your truck. This can attract buyers, make a good impression on authorities, and give you a little joy on the road.


This is one field in which small businesses abound that make custom, quality products. Where you shop ultimately depends on your make, model, budget, location and personal taste. You can also score great deals at junkyards and salvage websites.

Wheel Covers and Wheel Accessories

Not sure where to start? Youd be amazed at what a difference dressing up your trailer wheels makes.


All new wheels are a serious investment. However, wheel covers are quite inexpensive. They are also easy to install. Kits come in a variety of styles, making it easy to personalize your trailer.


You can purchase whole wheel cover kits, axle covers, or even just lug nut covers. Complete kits for six trailer wheels typically run less than $200. Individual lug nut covers are between $1 and $3 each depending on the style. Any way you go, these are inexpensive parts that are easy to install.


Drop Visors

Drop visors are like caps for your cab. They do keep the sun out of your eyes, but they also say a lot about your style. Not sure what the difference is between a bowtieand a reverse bowtie?12 GA customs has a handy photo guide.


Drop visors start at $275 on the low end. Higher end standard models go up to $500, and custom visors can be even more. These are also good parts to search for on the salvage circuit, for much less. You only need one of these, so you dont have to worry about finding matching sets.



Custom bumpers start at about $300 and continue on up to over $1,000. These parts are also heavy. If you need to worry about your weight, consider aluminum with a stainless wrap. Those parts can polish to shine without adding as many pounds.



Fenders do serve important purposes on the road. They keep your truck clean and they protect other drivers from road spray.


Fenders come in an extremely wide range of styles and prices. A purely functional fender is a few hundred dollars. Kitting yourself out with full custom fenders will run into the thousands.


Think about your routes when you think about fenders. They do take more of a beating from salt, gravel, and other junk on the road. A perfectly smooth surface may not be for you in those conditions. The amount you spend on function vs beauty may be impacted as well.


Stack Kits

Stack kits are one of the most expensive investments you can make in your trucks appearance. They start at over $2,000 and only go up and up from there. They come in an endless array of styles, from classic to ultra modern.


Other Accessories

Fuel tanks, battery tool boxes, gas tanks, and other parts can all be accessorized as much as you like. There is an unlimited range of styles and prices. If you need a little pick me up, this could be a good place to search for something new.


Salvage options abound for these options. Take a look around and see what you find!


Don’t Forget the Interior

You spend a lot more time inside your truck than outside. Save a little bit of your budget for the inside of your truck. Think function in addition to style. Your steering wheel can dress up your cab. You also want something that will be comfortable for all those long miles.


You should also consider a laptop stand. This will keep your laptop from driving you crazy in the cab.


Keep it Clean

Remember: Make sure to keep your chrome clean and waxed! Its not just for looks. Regular cleaning and waxing will help your investment last longer. And theres nothing wrong with looking sharp!

There are a variety of wax kits for sale on the market. However, according to, Turtle Wax will do the job. This is a relatively inexpensive product.