The Freightliner Trucks is an American Automotive company founded in 1942. The company produces commercial trucks and off road vehicles . The Freightliner has its own range of trucks that are very popular among truck drivers and truck owners. However, the most popular truck among truckers is the Freightliner Classic XL. Moreover, as the name implies the XL is a true Classic Truck. Freightliner

Classic XL is a Class 8 Heavy Duty conventional semi-truck, produced by the American manufacturer Freightliner. Just like all the commercial trucks  the Freightliner classic XL requires many OEM Freightliner classic XL parts to keep it looking new and classy all the time. Freightliner has some of the most stylish trucks with very good engine specifications. It is a beauty with functionality. Freightliner classic parts are available to remodel or rebuild the Freightliner according to your needs and requirements.

We have the best of Freightliner classic parts that we are sure that you love. Some of the many Freightliner classic parts we have are the classic battery tool boxes, classic breather – air cleFREIGHTLINER CLASSIC PARTSaner lights, classic bug shields, classic bumpers, classic grill inserts, classic headlights, etc. Also, we have some of the best collections of interiors of the Freightliner classic parts like classic dash knobs, classic floor mats, classic chrome trims, classic Freightliner seats and seat covers. All the Freightliner classic parts are authentic and are very durable. They give a nice classy touch to your Freightliner. And you would fall in love with it all over again.

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TOP Three Freightliner Classic Parts
The Freightliner classic has many custom parts.  Many peoople would say that the most popular parts in that truck would be the chrome or the engine itself. However, i choose the following parts to be my top three parts for freightliner classic XL.  Those freightliner classic parts are:

Freightliner Classic XL Hood Ornaments
Freightliner Classic XL Air Horns
Freightliner Classic XL Steering Wheel

Freightliner Classic XL Hood Ornaments

There are hundreds of different designs for hood ornaments that can be used to personalize a Freightliner Classic XL. Almost all of the hood ornaments are chrome, or chrome and colored plastic. Other metals are sometimes used with the chrome, such as cope or brass. Some of the hood ornaments have LEDs, so the hood ornaments can be illuminated at night. (Usually the eyes of an animal.)

Drivers can personalize their trucks with little effort. The mounting pieces for a chrome hood ornament are a few screws and a bracket. Two or three holes can be drilled in the hood with simple hand tools. If there are lights, wires can be run to the hood ornament with little effort.

Cost:  Most hood ornaments are priced between $50 and $80, very few cost more than $130.

Virtually no hood ornaments cost more than $300.


Iowa 80

A large supplier of hood ornaments is Iowa 80:


Iowa 80 operates a small chain of seven truck stops, including a truck stop in Walcott, IA— which they claim is “The World’s Largest Truck Stop”.

Iowa 80 is a company with a good reputation with truck drivers. It is a company that is associated with good quality and value.



Another supplier of hood ornaments is Raney’s:


Raney’s has a showroom in Florida, but they seem to be a mostly web-commerce site.

The products on the Raney’s web-site appear to be similar to the merchandise found on the Iowa 80 web-site, but of inferior quality. Raney’s prices seem to be 20% cheaper than the prices on Iowa 80’s web-site.

Raney’s doesn’t enjoy Iowa 80’s good reputation.

E-Bay, Amazon, etc.
Truck hood ornaments can be found on E-Bay and Amazon. They sell at no real discount under what can be found on the Iowa 80 web-site—and the choices are largely the same. Of course, with E-Bay, there is always the possibility of finding a rare (or one-of-a-kind) item.


Freightliner Classic XL Air Horns

An air horn has a small air chamber that contains a diaphragm. Compressed air, from the truck’s braking system, flows across the diaphragm—causing it to vibrate, and produce sound waves. Attached to the chamber is tube, called a “flared bell”. The length of the flared bell determines the pitch of the sound. A longer flared bell creates a lower pitch.

Air horns are usually mounted singly (producing a single tone), or in pairs (producing two different tones). Sometimes the two horns are mounted on a single base, as a unit. A “train horn” is a horn with three or more horns mounted in a single unit.

Air horns that are concealed under the panels of a truck are usually painted black, so that they will not visually stand out. Air horns that are mounted on the roof of the truck cab are usually chromed, so that they can be clearly seen. Air horns that are mounted on fire engines are usually mounted on the roof of the cab, and painted red. Other colors are rarely used.

Air horns are generally used on highways. Normal automobile horns are used inside populated areas.

Drivers can personalize their trucks with little effort, if they are very handy with tools—or by hiring a mechanic. The mounting pieces for a chrome air horn are a few screws and a bracket. Two or three holes can be drilled in the roof with simple hand tools. Air lines get strung between the horn(s) and the air valve.

Cost: A single or double horn costs between $120 and $250. A “train horn” can cost up to $500.


Iowa 80

A supplier of air horns is Iowa 80: Iowa 80 has a very limited selection of air horns and accessories.


Another supplier of hood ornaments is Raney’s:

Raney’s has a large selection of air horns and accessories.

In addition to standard truck air horns—Raney’s has train horns, horns for motor cycles, and novelty horns.

Novelty horns include electronic noise-makers, that can imitate animal sounds and various alarms.

accessories include solenoid air valves, mounting hardware, and tubing.


Freightliner Classic XL Steering Wheel

A professional driver spends hours at a time controlling his truck, using the steering wheel. Factory standard steering wheels are moderately comfortable to handle, and provide good control of the vehicle. A steering wheel will wear out after five to seven years of constant use. Replacement steering wheels are easily obtained, an can be easily mounted by any skilled mechanic.

A worn steering wheel can be used for an additional few months by covering the steering wheel ring with a steering wheel wrap or “half wrap”.

Extra fancy steering wheels have chrome spokes. Some steering wheels have hubs that are chromed as well. The gripping ring is almost always a soft foam material over a hard metal or plastic ring. Some rings are made of a decorative wood.

The spokes can be cut with flame patterns, GT circles, “banjo” holes, and other patterns.

Drivers should hire a mechanic to personalize their trucks with a new steering wheel.

Cost: A chromed steering wheel can cost as little as $140, and as much as $340.



There seems to be little difference in steering wheel variety from vendor to vendor. The same steering wheels that are available at Iowa 80 are available at Raney’s, and other places. Product quality seems similar. Product cost seems similar. There is no real advance ordering a steering wheel from a different place.


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