The Freightliner is an American Automotive company that produces commercial vehicles and luxury vehicles.

One of the most famous luxury trucks of Freightliner is the Freightliner Century.

The Freightliner Century has been built to succeed in demanding and highly competitive environments from single trailer distribution, intrastate and short haul work to tipper applications.

The Freightliner Century parts are in good demand. Because the truck is a luxury truck and to maintain it, authentic Freightliner Century parts are needed.  The Freightliner Century has a horsepower of 450 hp. It is 6 cylinders, 12.8 liters and inline diesel engine.

We have genuine Freightliner Century parts when you want to repair a broken Freightliner Century or to remodel. And we have rebuilt it according to your moods and taste.

Also, the Freightliner Century parts in interiors have the special Freightliner seats, Freightliner Century steering wheel, Freightliner Century dash knobs, Freightliner Century foot pedals, Freightliner Century chrome plates and Freightliner Century switch plates.

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Freightliner Century


Freightliner Century is a Class 8 Heavy Duty conventional semi-truck, produced by the American manufacturer Freightliner. They are available in a variety of configurations— including: Day-cab, Mid-cab, and Sleeper-berth. They have an aerodynamic sloped hood. The Freightliner Century was originally designed for Owner-Operators, but has found extensive service as a company truck.


The Freightliner Century is primarily used for long distant transportation of freight in trailers.


Freightliner Century was manufactured in the U.S. from 1996 to 2010, when it was replaced with the Freightliner Cascadia. The Freightliner Century is still being produced in Australia.


In 2007, the Century was redesigned—with larger “jeweled” headlamps in a “redesigned headlight housing”, a new grill, and a new bumper.


The Century 120 is the model number of the three axle tractor. The Century 112 is the model number of the two axle tractor


TOP Four Freightliner Century Parts


Freightliner Century Dash Parts




A dash kit is a decorative collection of parts, for customizing the dashboard of a truck. Typical kits include chrome or colored plastic parts that are screwed or glued in place.


Typical kits include: covers for rocker switches, key switch trim, heater control trim, radio control trim, wiper switch trim, etc.


Buying a kit is much cheaper than buying each decorative piece of trim separately.


Cost:  $200


Freightliner Century Headlight Housing




The headlight housing contains the truck’s headlight, turn indicators, marker lights, and daylight running lights (optional). The housing forms a single component that can be replaced quickly and easily, in case of damage to the front of the truck. Also, headlight housings can be exchanged for reasons of customizing or personal style.




In 2007, the Century was redesigned—with larger “jeweled” headlamps in a “redesigned headlight housing”, a new grill, and a new bumper.


Externally, the “redesigned headlight housing” is the same size and shape as the “original headlight housing”. They both use the same mounting hardware and connectors—they are interchangeable. All model years of the Freightliner Century have the same headlight housing size and shape. Individual components in the housing may vary—but the housing as a whole can be exchanged with any other Century headlight housing.


There is a different headlight housing for the driver side and passenger side of the truck. Also, left-hand drive trucks (North America), have different headlights than right-hand drive (Australia).




The cost of a single headlight is approximately $32. A single headlight assembly (lamp, bracket, and wiring harness) is approximately $165. An entire replacement headlight housing (lamp, bracket, wiring harness, turn indicators, and plastic housing) cost approximately $129. If the headlight bracket is damaged, it can be cheaper to replace the entire headlight housing.




Freightliner Centuries are shipped from the factory with headlight housings that match the color of the hood and trim. Replacement housings usually don’t match. Replacement headlight housings are generally black or chrome.


There is a growing trend to include LEDs in the headlight housings, similar to the trend in automobiles to have LEDs. LEDs are used as turn indicators, marking lights, and/or Daylight Running Lights (DRL). Factory standard OEM headlight housings (without LEDs) are still available.


Each headlight housing has a H7 (low beam) and a H9 (high beam), plus LEDs for running lights, turn indicators, etc. Headlight housings include a wire harness.


There have been attempts to replace the H7 and H9 with powerful LEDs. These systems have had very limited success in the automobile market, and virtually no acceptance by truck drivers.




Many ads are unclear on quantity. Some pricing is “each”. Other pricing is “pair”. It can be confusing.




Installation can be done with simple hand tools. Most drivers should have little difficulty installing a replacement headlight housing.



Freightliner Century Cabin Fan




A cabin fan is a very important piece of truck equipment. It is often overlooked, but it is essential to driver comfort. It can be operated for hours without seriously draining the truck’s batteries.


In order to run an air conditioner, a truck needs to idle its engine, or a APU needs to be running. A fan is much cheaper to run. A fan doesn’t provide as much cooling as an air conditioner—but many times, only airflow is needed to provide moderate cooling.


The usual place to put a fan is on the dash board—but many drivers install one or two fans in the berth, by the driver’s feet—blowing air towards the driver’s face. Combined with open windows and vents, a berth fan can cool a resting/sleeping driver.


Cost:  $25


Freightliner Century Thermoelectric Cooler




Eat healthier.  Eat cheaper. Have cool beverages.


A typical cooler plugs into a 12 volt cigarette lighter socket. (No ice required.) The better coolers can be laid on their back (chest style) or placed vertically (upright style). A 40 quart cooler is large enough for one or two people.




It is important to keeping healthy on the road., but it is more difficult than keeping healthy at home. Good health is a combination of exercise, rest, and proper nutrition. With a cooler, it is easier to keep fresh food in the truck—and easier to balance connivence and good diet.




It is much more cost effect to buy a week’s worth of food at a grocery store, than buying everything daily at a truck stop.




With a cooler that can be carried in a truck, you will never get anything “cold”—but you can keep things cool enough to prevent spoiling. Some coolers claim to get 40-degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the surrounding temperature. However, a beverage that is even a few degrees cooler than the surrounding temperature is quite pleasant.


Cost:  $90 ~ $110



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