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Cheapest Commercial Truck Parts [DONE SUJAAN]

Commercial Truck Parts

Cheapest Commercial Truck Parts

Cheapest Commercial Truck PartsTrucks, what are they? Do you have any idea of why trucks exist and what they are exactly? Well, for you to know, trucks are automobile vehicles whose sole purpose is to transport goods.

How many types are there? Although there are many types of trucks, we will just be focusing on the commercial trucks.

Commercial trucks include trucks such as garbage trucks, mobile crane, concrete transport truck, log carrier, etc.

You didn’t know that there are so many, right? Well, there are, and we will be focusing on the cheapest commercial truck parts that exist.

Trucks generally use larger and heavier parts than the normal car, but these parts are as accessible as normal car parts if you know where to find them.

These commercial trucks are very large and have great power. They are specialized to carry heavy equipment.

The commercial trucks that are being manufactured in the modern day are mostly diesel run engines. We will be looking at specific components of the truck and break them down into specific parts one by one.

AM/FM Radios

The radios for the trucks are different from the radios that are used in a normal car.

The radios installed in trucks are designed specially to withstand the tough conditions of the heavy-duty industry.

The features of these radios include USB port, alarm clock, audio inputs, wireless remote control, DVD, and a built-in PA. Price range from $120 can go as high as $600.

But, you don’t need to buy such expensive ones if you don’t require the functions it has. $120 is pretty cheap I’d say!

Hydraulic bottle jacks

These commercial trucks, since they carry heavy weight and have their weight too, need a lot of power and effort. The purpose of these hydraulic bottle jacks is to carry the weight that the truck has to bear.

Yes, they need a lot of energy to operate, but they work very well. These are very accessible and do not cost a lot, bearing the use of them in mind.

Price range is from $30 up to $80 which is not too expensive for the benefit it will give to the truck. Pretty worth it!

Air dryer

The air dryer is a component of the broken system of the truck. It is installed between the wet tank and the air compressor.

The purpose of to filter out the oil vapor, water vapor, and any other contaminant that can reach the air tank.

Many types of air dryers are sold in the market where truck parts can be bought. The price range varies, and you can buy one in your budget range.

Price range from $20 up to $200! Such a huge range now that is! If it’s in the budget then why not buy the expensive one?

Drum brake

A brake that uses friction caused by pads that hit outward to a rotating cylinder-shaped component is called a brake drum.

The braking action releases heat which causes these drum brakes to wear off over time requiring replacement.

The replacement procedure is easy and cheap. From $30 up to a maximum of $80, these drum brakes are available.

Spring breaks

Emergency and parking brakes are an essential part of every commercial truck. These brakes apply when the spring produces a mechanical force.

The break adjustment needs to be aligned for these spring breaks to work. If the adjustment is correct, these spring breaks will not work.

That ultimately means that the emergency and parking breaks will fail when applied.



Heavy duty equipment that helps your vehicle deflect mud and any other sort of debris that may damage your truck is called a bumper.

Bumpers are a major component of trucks and thus have a slighter higher price range, but they are definitely worth the price!

Ranging from $100 to $400, the bumpers can be purchased from any shop that sells truck parts. They are very easily found and do not require much time to hunt.

Wiper blades

Wiper blades sole purpose is to wipe the wind shield so that the driver can have a clear view of what is in front. The blades are designed to remove the debris that attaches to the windshield, blocking the view of the driver.

Having good quality wiper blades is essential to have clear vision for driving. Ranging from $10 up to $100, you can choose the sort of wiper blade you desire.


One of the major issues faced by truck drivers is the visibility. Having quite some blind spots, the visibility is disrupted. Therefore, having good mirrors is an essential part of the truck.

These parts are really cheap with the cheapest being $15 and can go as high as it may. Very accessible and cheap, you should definitely get new mirrors!


The radiator is a component of the truck which cools the engine coolant that is constantly circulating through the engine system of a truck.

After being cooled by the radiator, the coolant returns to the engine for its function. You can buy truck radiators as cheap as $70 which are definitely worth it.

Fan clutch

There are two types of fan clutches. One is the thermal clutch fan, and another is the non-thermal clutch fan. The thermal clutch fan reacts to the temperature of the system.

On the other hand, the non-thermal clutch fan rotates on the basis of the shaft speed. These fan clutches are helpful as they put less strain on the engine when it is cold and are fuel economical.

Clutch fans that are defective, do not cool the air in the proper amount which can seriously damage the engine of the truck. You can buy fan clutches as cheap as $100!

Being such a useful component, $100 are worth spending on the clutch fan.


We all know how much load a truck carries. Even if it does not carry A LOT of loads, the weight of the truck itself needs some real power to move!

Therefore, the batteries of the truck me be strong enough to make the truck move; not only when it is empty, but also when it is fully loaded. The best thing is, that these batteries do not cost a lot.

You can get batteries just for $50 that will work effectively for any truck model that you may be using.


These parts are very helpful for a truck. They not only improve the battery charge time, but also save fuel over the life of the vehicle.

The durability that your truck needs is provided by the alternators. A good alternator would cost you around $75 and go as high as you can imagine.

But, when a $75 alternator works well with your truck, then you do not need to spend too much buying one that is too expensive.


An exhaust is a system that uses pipes to guide the gases produced in the vehicle, out into the atmosphere so that they do not damage the vehicle.

The combustion process that takes place inside the vehicle releases a huge amount of harmful gases which need to be directed out of it.

That’s where the exhaust comes into play. These exhausts are easily available in the market for $50. So, if your exhaust needs to be replaced, spending $50 is pretty handy

Trucks have a variety of range of components that are used in its manufacturing. Some are very cheap, while some are as expensive as they can get.

You may be wealthy enough to buy a truck, but you may not be wealthy enough to get its parts changed because some of them will bankrupt you.

Keeping the small parts up to date will help in the efficiency of your truck. So, while they are affordable, buy them and make use of them.

The road never forgives. Therefore, you need to make sure of your safety yourself. Keeping all the parts of the truck up to date should be your priority.

And when the parts are so easily available and cheap too, why not get them replaced as soon as replacing is needed?
Trucks are strong vehicles, but everything wears and tears over time, does it not? So, although trucks are strong, their parts will wear off over time.

All you need to keep a check of is when that happens so that you are ready for replacement. You have the decision to eliminate the risk of accidents and delay, so don’t be late.

Act fast, and act efficiently.



Truck brake pads are very important for trucks because they take up an enormous load for the truck to slow down or stop. Even a truck with no load is too heavy that it needs lots of power to just slow down.

These are located in the brake calipers and use friction to slow down the truck by pressing the disc brake rotors against the friction material.

Since these are contact wear parts, they need to be often checked and replaced periodically.

Failing this can be identified with some of the symptoms.

One – Truck brake pads accumulate dust over time and they wear out producing squealing noises, when they are used. Heavily worn out Truck brake pads may produce scrapping sounds due to metal-to-metal contact.

Two –  severely or abnormally worn out these pads may result in pulsating pedal.

Truck brake pads


Three – poor brake response in one of the serious symptoms of Truck brake pads failure because, if left unattended, it may lead to full failure of the Truck brake pads that could lead to a heavy mishap.

The symptoms are never to be taken lightly and must be given high importance.

We help you in detecting the right problem. We will replace your Truck brake pads with the best quality ones in the market for a safe journey.




DT466 truck parts one of the most rugged and strong makes ever.

The engine itself will scream and roar through the road. The international make of the DT466 truck parts make it unbeatable when compared to other truck parts.

The DT466 truck parts are classy and strong as they offer full efficiency performance seamlessly for a really long time.

These enables the truck to function without any flaws.

The ultimate power of the truck lies with the engine . And so the engine has been chiselled to perform with full muscle power.

The wet cylinder sleeve design allows for less downtime and reduced repair costs – under many circumstances, an engine overhaul can be performed without removing the engine from a chassis.

Additionally, it has been suggested that a wet sleeve cylinder provides greater durability in comparison to a dry sleeve system.

DT466 truck parts
mainly the engine generates torque at a favourably low 1,300 rpm. And the latest model has a governed speed of 2,400 rpm.

The engine is the core part of the truck. And it has satisfied everything.

Apart from that, the DT466 truck parts has various other advantages from their high-quality build.

So They are highly adaptable to the external conditions making it standout.

DT466 truck parts

DT466E Turbos

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DT466E Overhaul Kits

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International DT466 Parts (Navistar MaxxForce DT: 7.6 L)


DT is a line of diesel engines manufactured by the International Harvester Company between 1975 and 2016. They are six cylinder inline engines, and are primarily used in medium-duty trucks and buses. Prior to 1986, International Harvester used the DT engines in farm equipment and construction equipment.


The DT466 variant of the DT line of engines displaces 466 cubit inches (7.63637 liters).


“International Harvester” is now called “Navistar International Corporation”. The “International DT466” is now called “Navistar MaxxForce DT: 7.6 L”.


The Navistar DT466 diesel engine is a wet-sleeve engine. The cylinder sleeve is a separately machined part that fits into the cast cylinder bores. This separate sleeve is in direct contact with the engine coolant, hence the “wet”-sleeve description.


In 2007, the International DT line of engines were redesigned to comply with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s 2007 emissions regulations. At that time, the DT466 was renamed: Navistar MaxxForce DT: 7.6 L. Upgrades included: new twin turbochargers, upgrades to fuel injectors, upgrades to the EGR system, and upgrades to the cooling system.


In 2007, Navistar DT engines were available in three basic configurations:


MaxxForce DT: 7.6 L (466 cu in); 210–300 hp


MaxxForce 9: 9.3 L (570 cu in); 300–330 hp


MaxxForce 10: 9.3 L (570 cu in); 310–350 hp


There were also defense variants, which were designed to allow the engines to run on JP-8 (jet fuel).


In 2010, the International DT line of engines (now called “Navistar MaxxForce”) were redesigned again, to comply with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s 2010 emissions regulations.


In 2016, production was halted.


Top Three International DT466 Parts


Rebuild Kit


There are two basic different kinds of rebuilds: in-frame and overhaul (out-of-frame).




An in-frame rebuild does not require the engine to be removed from the truck. The engine stays inside the vehicle frame. In general, the in-frame process is rebuilding an engine without the need to remove the front cover or crankshaft of the engine. An in-frame repair is intended mostly for regular preventive maintenance.



An In-frame kit does not contain gaskets for the front and rear body of the engine, only the main bearing, rod bearings, cylinder kits, upper gasket kit and oil pan gasket.


OVERHAUL (Out-of-Frame)


An overhaul requires the engine to be removed from the truck. Often, the block of the engine needs to be machined: refacing or re-boring. Usually, the entire engine is disassembled. An overhaul is intended for more serious repairs caused by excessive wear, extreme age of equipment, or heat damage (cooling failure).


An Overhaul Kit comes complete with cylinder kits, main bearings, rod bearings, front and rear crankshaft seals and complete overhaul gasket kit.


Types of Engine Rebuild Kits:


In-frame Engine Rebuild Kit


In-frame Piston-less Engine Rebuild Kit


In-frame Re-Ring Engine Rebuild Kit


Out-of-frame Engine Rebuild Kit


Out-of-frame Piston-less Engine Rebuild Kit




In-Frame Kit:  $800~$1,000


Overhaul Kit:  $1,200~$1,500




Turbochargers are common in truck diesel engines—to produce higher power, lower emissions, and improved fuel efficiency.


A turbo is a device that uses a small amount of engine back-pressure to force extra air (and proportionately more fuel) into the combustion chamber. This is more air and fuel than a naturally aspirated engine uses.


Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) turbos are manufactured to the exact specifications of the International Harvester Company. An aftermarket new turbo is manufactured without such close specifications. With an aftermarket turbo, a third-party manufacturer is claiming that their product is “just as good” as a turbo that comes from the International Harvester Company, or from a licensed OEM. OEM equipment tends to be more expensive than aftermarket equipment. Aftermarket equipment is perceived as being less reliable.


There are a huge variety of turbos; each with a slightly different part number. Two otherwise identical engines that are produced in the same model year, could have different turbo part numbers. Picking the correct turbo is difficult and exacting process. Carefully note the part number of the turbo that is being replaced and the engine number itself.


A turbo is not a device that can be installed by a driver. A mechanic is required.




Original New (OEM):  $500 (uninstalled)


Aftermarket New:  $350 (uninstalled)


Fan and Fan Clutch


A working fan and fan clutch are essential for proper working of the International DT466. Without proper cooling, an engine can quickly overhead—and and experience expensive, permanent damage. An overheated engine can warp a head, which requires removing the engine from the truck to fix.


A fan should be free from defects; not missing blades, no cracks, not missing parts of blades. The fan clutch should spin freely when the engine is warm and turn with difficulty when the engine is cool.


The fan clutch usually a “viscous” clutch. The clutch is filled with a viscous (honey like) fluid. When the ambient temperature in the engine compartment is hot, the fluid is pumped between a driving plate and a driven plate—which causes friction, and the fan turns.


There are two basic ways to replace the fan clutch: removing the radiator and not removing the radiator.


REMOVING THE RADIATOR involves draining the cooling fluid, disconnecting hoses, and removing mounting brackets. This method is more difficult, expensive, and time consuming. Usually this method is only used if the radiator needs to be removed anyway.


NOT REMOVING THE RADIATOR is easier. It involves moving/removing: the fan shroud, small hoses, and cross-members. Draining the cooling systems is usually not necessary.


Neither of these is an easy repair. A driver very skilled with tools might attempt it, but a mechanic is generally required.


Replacing the fan is easier to accomplish. Fewer components need to be removed from the engine.


Many fan clutches are installed using left-hand threads.


If you are replacing either component, consider replacing both at the same time. If you are replacing the radiator, consider replacing the viscous fan clutch and fan at the same time.




Viscous Fan Clutch (new):  $300 (uninstalled)


Viscous Fan Clutch (used):  $150 (uninstalled)


Fan:  $30 ~ $50 (uninstalled)



Additional Diesel Truck Parts

This Engine design opposed to parent bore engines, where the cylinder walls are machined out of the bores cast into the block.

Navistar’s wet-sleeve design enhances durability because the consistent wall thickness of the sleeve allows for consistent heat transfer, ensuring the cylinders stay round during thermal expansion.

Additionally, they state that the hardened cylinder sleeve is more durable and wear resistant than a softer, cast-in wall. In finally This will help in preserving the engine life along with the other parts also.