The Caterpillar C7 is an inline engine with 6 cylinders. It is 7.2 liters, heavy duty diesel engine. It is used in medium duty trucks and buses as well as school buses. The Cat C7 truck parts include CAT Common Rail Fuel System which improved injection. The engine also has a crankcase breather and diesel oxidation catalyst. This entire Cat C7 truck parts are in CAT’s Advanced Combustion Emission Reduction Technology (ACERT). The Cat C7 truck parts also include Clean Gas Induction (CGI) and a particulate filter with Cat Regeneration System (CRS). The engine also features ADEM 4 electronics and a variable nozzle turbocharger. The C7 uses CAT’s common rail fuel injection to help with reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency.

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Cat C7 Engine

CAT C7 Engine Truck parts

Rightly nicknamed “The Golden Child” in the world of trucks and truck engines, the Cat C7 was developed mainly to run trucks with reduced diesel engine emissions. This move was made right after the Tier 4 emissions requirements became even more stringent in January 2004.

That said, the Cat C7 is a 6-cyl diesel beast available with several horsepower rating and torque options. These in turn provide for varying transmissions as needed. It has a displacement of 7.2 liters or 441 cubic inches.

Technical Details

Let’s look at some of the C7’s important tech specs –

Spec Data


Fuel System



1296 lbs.

225 – 300 hp

ACERT tech

Inline 6 cyl, Diesel

Direct Injection

RPMs 1800 – 2200

Options available

The options available in the Cat C7 engine are mostly based on the horsepower and torque of the engine. A wide range of horsepower ratings, starting from 210 hp going up to 360 hp are possible with the Cat C7.

As far as the torque is concerned, the range of the ratings is even bigger. It can go from 520 lb.-ft to 925 lb.-ft. Some of them also have the low torque and high torque options. This variety in torque options, in turn gives a wide variety in the engine’s transmissions.

Important parts of the Cat C7

  • Turbochargers – A good quality, long lasting turbocharger is essential for the high performance of a truck’s engine. It enables the engine to generate more power in its operation due to the increased air quantity provided by the turbocharger. A new turbocharger compatible with the Cat C7 is priced anywhere between $950 – 1300. However, there are budget friendly options of remanufactured turbochargers available for as low as $745. The S300G and B2G models are most commonly available.
  • Fuel systems – Fuel injectors for the Cat C7 engine are priced in the range of $310 to 800. Remanufactured fuel injectors are always a good option. They come with an 18-month warranty and are tested by experienced technicians. Furthermore, the warranty offered does not have a mileage limit. ProDiesel is a popular brand for compatible fuel injector.

After the fuel injectors, the fuel filters are important for the smooth running of the engine. Simple fuel filters are available for as low as $15. Some fuel filters come with a additional water separator component. These cost approximately $35.

  • Water pumps – A efficient water pump is necessary for the cooling of the engine. It is a water pump that directs coolant from the radiator to the engine and cools the system in the process. Fresh water pumps are sold for a price of $150 – 500. Sea water pumps are a little more expensive and start at around $550.
  • Lubrication system – Equally as crucial if not more is the lubrication system in the Cat C7 engine. Proper lubrication of the engine parts is necessary to keep it running smoothly and also let out excess heat.

The oil pump does the job of sending the lubricant oil through the different passages of the engine. Good quality oil pumps are sold for anywhere between $400 – 500.

Other important parts are the oil coolers sold for around $215 and the piston cooling nozzles for $18.



ACERT is a technology utilized by Cat for their C7 engines to make them eco-friendlier by building a better fuel combustion system. ACERT stands for Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology. Let’s briefly discuss the four concepts employed to make this technology a success –

  • Air Intake System – In the ACERT system the air intake pressures of all engines (small, medium, large) are increased by using turbochargers. Small engine models use multiple traditional waste gated turbochargers, medium sized engines use a single turbocharger and large/heavy-duty engines use dual turbochargers working together.
  • Fuel Management System – This system uses electronic fuel injection systems that give out multiple bursts of fuel to ensure complete combustion. These fuel injection systems can be hydraulically or mechanically actuated depending on the size of the engine.
  • Engine Electronics – Better and improved software to manage the different components of the engine.
  • After-treatment – Last but definitely not the least, the after-treatment is an additional function in the working of the engine that helps reduce the particulate matter. This important job is done by a catalyst agent and does not require any maintenance from the user’s side.

Possible issues with the ACERT C7

Unfortunately, as we know very well, there are pros and cons to any new technology introduced. In the same way, the ACERT technology which is a highlight of the Cat C7 engines also gave the truck drivers some problems. These include –

  • Overheating – the truck drivers experienced overheating very often with the Cat C7 engines. This was usually noted while driving upwards on an incline. Cooling fans did not help the situation much.
  • Downshifting required to combat overheating – to deal with this problem of overheating, the drivers were required to downshift whenever they drove up an incline.
  • Regeneration issues
  • Low power and fuel economy
  • Frequent clogging of the turbochargers as well as particulate filters
  • Overall increased maintenance

Some of these problems were not just limited to the Cat C7 but, they even showed up in the Cat 13 and Cat 15 models.


Let us finally glimpse through the cost of buying a complete Cat C7 engine. When a prospective buyer tries to find a budget friendly engine for their truck, buying used is the best option. Used engines are available starting at $1000 for an engine being used in a 2004 Ford truck. After that, the price largely depends on the age and the condition of the engine. Engines available with some part(s) missing or broken are also an option, keeping in mind the additional cost and labor that will be involved in replacing those parts. A brand-new Cat C7 engine with ACERT technology, manufactured in the year 2006 is available currently for approximately $14,500.


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