DETROIT 60 TRUCK PARTS – Detroit Diesel S60 Parts

The Detroit Diesel History

First produced in 1987. It was the first commercially available on-highway heavy-duty diesel engine to have full Detroit 60 parts“drive-by-wire”.

It was many years before another engine manufacturer launched a drive-by-wire system.

The Detroit Diesel 60 Series has a cast-iron block and is wet-sleeve.  This engine is widely used in straight trucks and in tractor-trailer configurations.

Detroit 60 Specs – 4 Stroke Diesel Engine

The (original) 1987 version had 11.1 L (677 cu in). Rated at 350 bhp (260 kW); 1,250 lb-ft @ 1,200 RPM.
In 1993, Detroit Diesel added a second version with 12.7 L (778 cu in).

Rated at 455 bhp (340 kW); 1,550 lb-ft @ 1,200 RPM. Both the 11.1 L and 12.7 L engines were available at this time In 1998, the 11.1 L engine was discontinued.

In 2001, Detroit Diesel added a third version the 14L (854 cu in).
Rated at 575 hp (429 kW); 1,650 lb-ft @ 1,200 RPM. Both the 12.7 L and 14 L engines were available at this time.

Detroit 60 Alternator
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Turbocharger For Detroit Diesel Series 60
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JM Turbo Replacement For Detroit Series 60 14L EGR Turbocharger
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Detroit 60 Fuel Injectors
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Detroit Oil Temp
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Detroit 60 EGR Cooler
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Bapmic 8929388 Crankshaft Position Sensor for Detroit Diesel Series 60
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Out With The Old

In 2007 the 12.7 L engine was discontinued. In 2008 the 14 L was modified to meet the EPA’s new emission standards.

Those new emission standards were Dual ECM & DPF exhaust filter. In 2011 the Detroit 60 series engine was discontinued, and replaced with the DD15 engine.

Detroit 60 with DDEC

The Detroit Diesel on-highway-engine drive-by-wire system was the proprietary Detroit Diesel Electronic Control (DDEC) system.  The DDEC system included engine diagnostics, fault history, shutdown timers, speed limiting, and cruise control.  The DDEC provided owners with records of over-speeding, idle time, hard braking, etc.

Large fleet owners can purchase scanners that download all DDEC’s records.  Small fleet owners can have their trucks’ DDEC scanned at a local Detroit Diesel dealership.

The DDEC also allows owners to “de-tune” engines; a process that turns down an engine’s top horsepower.  To encourage a driver to use the speed control (to conserve fuel), The DDEC can be programmed to provide an additional 15 bhp while the speed control is switched on.  (This number can be programmed by the truck’s owner.)

DDEC Increase Detroit 60 Engine Benefits

All of these features allow a truck owner to reduce engine abuse, maximize fuel economy, and decrease idle time.  In company trucks, these features are made available to owners, but unavailable to drivers.

The DDEC has two engine fault lights; the yellow “minor fault” light and the red “significant engine fault” light.  The yellow light warns a driver of a potential problem.  The red light is nick-named the “STOP THE TRUCK RIGHT NOW!!” light.  Often, the red fault light will proceed an automatic engine shut-down.

Diagnostic Information –  Added Benefit of Detroit 60 engine

A driver can obtain basic diagnostic information from the DDEC by pressing a button in the cab of the truck.
When pressed, the red and yellow fault lights blink in a various patterns.

By noting the color of the light, counting the flashes, and consulting a look-up-table in the engine owner’s manual—a driver can get a rough idea of the engine’s condition.

Knowing the engine fault code helps a driver and his mechanic know what sort of maintenance/repair is needed, and where to dispatch the truck for help—this is a huge advantage.

Detroit 60 DDEC Specifications

Dimensions: (approx.)
Length             57 in. [1448 mm] Width               34 in. [914 mm] Height              50 in. [1273 mm] Weight (dry)    2640 lbs. [1199 kg]

Popular Detroit 60 SERIES Truck Parts

Detroit 60 engine requires many Detroit 60 parts to keep running. The Detroit 60 runs for long time. Some Detroit engine run up to 2,000,000 miles. However, they engine needs routine maintenance. Those Detroit 60 parts are not expensive and are readily available. The Detroit has been running for long time.

Therefore, Detroit 60 parts are available in bulk by OEM and aftermarket sources. Aftermarket Detroit 60 parts are important. The Detroit 60 series aftermarket truck parts make repairs affordable.

Trucks with Detroit 60 engine retain their value better than others. The reason behind this is the availability of the telemarketer Detroit 60 truck parts. Unlike the detroit 60 truck parts the dd15 truck parts are not available in the open market–aftermarket. The other way to get those is through a Detroit dealer.

Detroit 60 Alternators

Alternators are used in trucks to power the electrical system while the engine is running, and to charge the battery for electrical power when the engine is not running.

Alternators take mechanical power from an engine belt to create alternating current.  Rectifiers convert this alternating current to unregulated direct current.

Voltage regulators convert this unregulated direct current into the stable, direct current that truck components require.

Rectifiers and voltage regulators are either mounted inside (or attached to the case of) an alternator or they are in a separate module.

If the voltage regulator is separate from the alternator, it is normal practice to replace the rectifiers and voltage regulators when replacing the alternator.

Detroit 60 Mounting Hardware

The mounting bracket, mounting hardware, and alternator pulley are usually reused.  If you want these parts replaced, they need to be ordered separately.  If your pulley shows signs of age or damage, it should be replaced.


  1. Warning lights “ALT”.- Warning lights will illuminate while starting the engine, and may persist for a few seconds after starting.  Those lights should extinguish after 3~5 seconds.0
  2. Headlights dim or flickering.
  3. One head light might be dim for a variety of reasons.  If both headlights are dim (plus marker lights, cabin lights, etc.), it is more likely an under-volt situation.
  4. Other electrical failures.
  5. Strange noises.
  6. Difficulty starting. – If a engine makes a “Click-click-click” sound while attempting to crank an engine, stop cranking immediately.  The “Click-click-click” sound could be the starter teeth failing to properly engage the flywheel.  Continuing to crank without proper flywheel engagement could damage the starter, or flywheel teeth, or both.
  7. Dead battery

COST to Replace Detroit 60 Alternator

The average cost to replace a detroit 60 alternator is $225. Furthermore, this cost is assuming one would buy a detroit 60 aftermarket alternator. In addition, this cost is without installation.In addition, Installation usually would be an additional 1 to 2 hours labor.

Detroit 60 Turbocharger

In reality, a Turbocharger uses a minor amount of back pressure on the exhaust of an engine. Therefore, to force additional air into an engine’s combustion chambers.

Hence, this additional air allows additional fuel to be injected into the engine’s cylinders, which increases horsepower. Therefore, this additional air also leads to lower emission levels.

COST to replace Detroit 60 turbo

In fact, an OED turbocharger ( also called Detroit 60 turbo) is unique to the Detroit Diesel 60 Series engine. S60 turbo will cost about $1,200. On the other hand, Detroit 60 aftermarket turbo would be $750. Hence, the importance of aftermarket Detroit 60 parts come into play.

In particular , those costs are off course without accounting for installation. Installation of the turbo would be another $700 to 1,100. The cost of Detroit 60 turbo is still a lot cheaper than most other turbos. For example , the C15 turbo would be about $5000.

Detroit 60 Fuel Injectors

Fuel Injectors

Furthermore, Fuel injectors squirt fuel directly into the cylinder of an engine.  All diesel engines use fuel injection.  The Detroit Diesel 60 Series has six injectors (one for each cylinder).

Moreover, the cost of new Detroit 60 fuel injector is about $500. On the other hand, the cost to replace the injector with re-manufactured fuel injector is $300. That represent 50% savings. Moreover, the saving is important since usually when replacing an injector is wise to replace all six to eight injectors.

The reason behind changing all of the Detroit 60 injectors is the labor cost. Further, most of the labor cost is in lifting the valve cover. Therefore, once that is out of the way, replacing one or six is about the same labor. Furthermore,By replacing all of the injectors one can be sure to not have a problem from the injectors for another 200,000 to 300,000 miles.

Finally, there are Detroit 60 injectors kit. Those kits would save you money.

Kenworth T2000 Parts – Ruben[DONE]

T2000 parts Kenworth has been in the cargo hauling business since 1912. Furthermore, their extensive experience guides them in providing greater customer satisfaction.

Any Kenwroth Truck is known to be highly durable and packed with plenty of power.

However, the  Kenworth T2000 parts are somewhat hard to come by since the unit was discontinued. However, the t2ooo is still a perfect mix of fuel economy, minimal upkeep and comfort.

Further, It is a truck that has been created to run with lower aerodynamic drag when compared with some other kenworth truck models. Hence, this important characteristic makes it more fuel efficient and in turn saves money for the driver.

The interiors of this truck are perfectly suited to create a home for the drivers when on-the-go. There are facilities for storage, refrigeration, television and a lot more.

In 2010, the T2000 was replaced by the T700. It is an upgrade to the Kenworth T2000. However, there are still many T2000 units out on the road.

Those units require original T2000 parts . Those truck parts are also called T2000 truck parts or OEM T2000 parts . It has a more aerodynamic structure and is built to give better performance on longer drives.

Popular Kenworth T2000 Parts

  • Grill Guard
  • Full and half guard styles to choose from
  • There’s the black, chrome and white colors.
  • Price for grill guard ranges from $750 to 2000.
  • You can also choose a material for the grill guard – brushed aluminum, powder coated aluminum, powder coated steel, stainless steel.

One example of a popular full guard style grill guard is the Kenworth T2000 Full Bar Rig Guard. Approximate cost of this part is $1300, and it is available in all the four material options mentioned above.

It is a 3×4 grill guard. This guard cannot be used with trucks that have a foldable bumper. Hence it works only on stationary bumper trucks. It is a popular model due to its reputation of protecting the front-end of the tractor from getting damaged.

Then there is the half guard option. The RigGuard Aluminum 2 Bar Bumper Guard KW/PB is one example of this. It is 15.5” tall and costs approximately $900. Installation is easy. It can withstand multiple animal collisions and harsh weather/road conditions.

Kenworth T2000 Hood

Kenworth T2000 Hood is the hood commonly available for this truck.

Its Price varies between $1500 and $1800.

Its 340lb body is made of fiberglass and hence more resistant to collision damage.

Some People May think getting a hood from the junk yard is a good deal. However, that hood comes with many surprises. More times than not , the brackets are shot as well as some of the wiring.

Kenworth T2000 Headlights

A Large variety of options are available for headlights.

The Replace Factory Headlights, Oracle Lighting Headlights with Color Halo and Lumen’s Custom Headlights are the ones most recommended for this truck. Prices vary from model to model.

Factory headlights can be as low as $20 and when getting them custom made the cost can go as high as $1200.

Customization of accessories gives you the privilege of purchasing accessories that are more suited to your needs and your vehicle model. Lumen’s Custom Headlights start as low as $20 and hence get you more value for the dollar. These headlights not only improve visibility on your drive but also enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

There are many options in the custom headlights too.

T2000 Diamond Crystal Headlight

You can get Rectangular Black Diamond Crystal Headlights for a simple look or go for a classier version with the Chrome Projector LED Headlights. They are thoroughly tested and offered to you at a very competitive price.

If you do not wish to bother getting customized headlights, you can always stick to the option of Replace Factory Headlights. These headlights are identical to the original ones that come with the truck. They come at a much lower price and a limited lifetime warranty.

Kenworth T2000 Other Accessories

Interior Accessories

Dash Kits

A good Dash Kit not only improves the look of your truck interiors but also leads to better handling of the vehicle. Grand General is a popular and reputed brand in Dash Kits.

The Wood Dash Kit by Grand General is made of Soft Plastic material and is easy to install.

It is tested for durability and a proper fit. The components of the Dash Kit can also be bought separately


Floor Mats

Good quality and durable floor mats are very important to make your journey comfortable. Superlamb Tailor-made Sheepskin Floor Mats are made specifically for your vehicle.

Hence, their costs are in the range of $350 – 715.
Made of a fire-retardant material, they are durable and very safe. Available in multiple color options.

The US Sheepskin® – Those floor mats are  Tailor-Made by Sheepskin.

Therefore, those  floor Mats are great option for floor mats. by default, they provide long lasting durability. As a results , their average cost is more than the typical floor mats.

Currently, they cost around $430.

Shift Knobs

A plethora of universally fitting shift knobs are available for the Kenworth T2000.

Hence, some of them like the American Shifter Plum Grenade Shift Knob are custom made and hand crafted.

They add to the originality and character of your vehicle.

The popular brands for shift knobs include MOMO, American Shifter and Sparco.

Their prices are in the range of $20-300.

See Many More Selections Bellow

T2000 Exterior Accessories

Running Boards
The Dorman® – Chrome Truck Cab Side Steps are priced approximately $165. Furthermore, their high cost could attest that they made with high quality materials. The installation is simple. The mounting brackets are included with the product.

Wind Deflectors

Belmor is a great brand for wind deflector products. These include In-Channel Smoke Ventvisors, Smoke Bug Deflector and Stainless-Steel Bug Deflectors. Prices are in the $85 – 200 range.
The In-Channel Smoke Ventvisors are priced at $86.99 and fit vehicles with sloped hoods.

They are made of smoke-tinted acrylic material and cover the tops of truck windows when open. They help bring cool, fresh air into the cabs and thus prevent over-heating. This way the drivers stay comfortable and alert during the drive.

Additional Wind Deflectors 

Wiper Blades

Trico and ACDelco are the most popular brands for truck wiper blades. Their prices start at around $7 and go up to $20. The ACDelco® – Advantage™ All Season Metal 19″ Black Wiper Blade has a complete metal body measuring at 19”.
It is equipped with the latest windshield wiper technology and is priced very competitively at $8.33. Similarly, there is the Trico® – Exact Fit™ Conventional 19″ Black Wiper Blade, that has a metal body and is easy to install. It is known for its ability to considerably improve visibility during extreme weather conditions.

Kenworth T2000 Wiper Motor

If you are going to change the wipers , you might want to change the motor too. Those motors sometimes live as long as the truck. However, sometimes they go out in few months’ time. I would not want to be in a stormy day when one of those wiper motor goes out ! Specially not on a big rig like the t2000.

Those are only few of the Kenworth T2000 truck parts in our catalog. Check the entire catalog bellow.

Other T2000 Truck Parts


Top Chrome Parts To Dress Up Semi Trucks On a Budget[r]

truck chrome parts

If you want to dress up your truck, a little chrome goes a long way.

Smart accents show the world you care about your truck. This can attract buyers, make a good impression on authorities, and give you a little joy on the road.

You can also score great deals at aftermarket parts websites.

Not sure where to start? Youd be amazed at what a difference dressing up your trailer wheels makes.

#1 Best Steering Wheel Covers For Semi Trucks

Many truck drivers feel ashamed to be caught with one of those in their truck. However, many other drivers greatly appreciate Steering Wheel Covers.

Being on the road for so long, you hands are bound to get sweaty. A steering wheel cover may help with absorbing that sweat. Therefore, reducing the risk of accidental steering wheel slip.

All new wheels are a serious investment. However, wheel covers are quite inexpensive. They are also easy to install. Kits come in a variety of styles, making it easy to personalize your trailer.

Bellow are additional steering wheel choices.

# 2 Semi / Tractor Trailer Lug Nut Covers – Spikes 


Individual lug nut covers are between $1 and $3 each depending on the style. Any way you go, these are inexpensive parts that are easy to install.

This is one field in which small businesses abound that make custom, quality products. Where you shop ultimately depends on your make, model, budget, location and personal taste.

Bellow you can find Additional Choices For Lugnut Spikes For Semis

 # 3 Axle Covers & Steering Wheel

Option A. Chrome Semi Truck Front & Rear Axle Cover SET with pointed Hub Cap 33mm Lug Nuts 


  1. pointed Hub Cap 33mm Lug Nuts
  2. 4 rear, and 2 front Pointed covers and lug nut caps. 
  3. Chrome Plastic 33mm Pointed Thread-On Nut Cover 
  4. Removable center covers for access to hubs. 
  5. Universal fit


#4  Best  Drop Visors For Semi Trucks

Drop visors are like caps for your cab. They do keep the sun out of your eyes, but they also say a lot about your style.

Not sure what the difference is between a bowtieand a reverse bowtie?12 GA customs has a handy photo guide. 

Drop visors start at $275 on the low end. Higher end standard models go up to $500, and custom visors can be even more.

These are also good parts to search for on the salvage circuit, for much less. You only need one of these, so you dont have to worry about finding matching sets.

#5 Best Fenders For Semi Trucks 

Fenders do serve important purposes on the road. They keep your truck clean and they protect other drivers from road spray.

Fenders come in an extremely wide range of styles and prices. A purely functional fender is a few hundred dollars. Kitting yourself out with full custom fenders will run into the thousands.

Think about your routes when you think about fenders. They do take more of a beating from salt, gravel, and other junk on the road.

A perfectly smooth surface may not be for you in those conditions.  The amount you spend on function vs beauty may be impacted as well.

#6 Best Semi Truck Bumpers 

Custom bumpers start at about $300 and continue on up to over $1,000. These parts are also heavy.

If you need to worry about your weight, consider aluminum with a stainless wrap.

Those parts can polish to shine without adding as many pounds.


#7 Best Stack Kits For Semi Trucks 

Stack kits are one of the most expensive investments you can make in your trucks appearance.

They start at over $2,000 and only go up and up from there. They come in an endless array of styles, from classic to ultra modern.

Other Semi Accessories

Fuel tanks, battery tool boxes, gas tanks, and other parts can all be accessorized as much as you like. There is an unlimited range of styles and prices. If you need a little pick me up, this could be a good place to search for something new.

Salvage options abound for these options. Take a look around and see what you find!

Don’t Forget the Interior

You spend a lot more time inside your truck than outside. Save a little bit of your budget for the inside of your truck. Think function in addition to style. Your steering wheel can dress up your cab.

You also want something that will be comfortable for all those long miles.

You should also consider a laptop stand. This will keep your laptop from driving you crazy in the cab.

Keep it Clean

Remember: Make sure to keep your chrome clean and waxed! Its not just for looks. Regular cleaning and waxing will help your investment last longer. And theres nothing wrong with looking sharp!

There are a variety of wax kits for sale on the market. 

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Heavy Truck Parts FAQ – Sujaan[DONE]

Everything You Need to Know About Heavy Truck Parts

Heavy Truck Parts FAQAre looking for heavy truck parts? Do you find yourself asking questions and wondering about how to find the best heavy truck parts?

Are you not sure what a heavy truck is? Would you’d like to know more?

Wonder no more! We’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions about heavy-duty trucks.

Heavy-duty trucks in general, heavy-duty truck parts for class 8, and where you can find parts for your heavy-duty truck. We’ve even compiled a list of myths about heavy-duty trucks.

To start, though, let’s talk about what heavy-duty trucks are and where they fit on the truck scale. As you may know, you can classify trucks in a particular way.

Starting with small trucks, it moves through a scale of light trucks, medium, trucks, heavy trucks, and very heavy trucks and transporters. Small trucks are known as mini trucks.

Weight Class

Light trucks are a bit larger, weighing up to 14,000 pounds. Think minivans, pickup trucks, panel trucks, and panel vans.

Following that are medium trucks, weighing between 14,000 pounds and 26,000 pounds. Medium trucks are your platform trucks, flatbed trucks and even firetrucks! Following that are the trucks we’re dealing with, heavy-duty trucks.

These bad boys weigh between 26,001 and 33,000 pounds. These are the highest on-road classification trucks. When you think of heavy-trucks, think of concrete transport trucks, mobile cranes, dump trucks, and tractor units.

Now that we’ve built a foundation of what a heavy-duty truck is and painted a picture with a few examples, let’s move on to some of the general information.

We’ve included the most frequently asked questions about various aspects of heavy-duty trucks below!

What’s a Class 8 Truck? What are the other Truck Classes?

To begin, let’s talk about the specific class 8 rank. Sure, we’ve talked to you about light-heavy trucks. But did you know that the heavy-duty trucks have classifications within them?

Classes one through six range from the light trucks to the medium trucks we discussed in our earlier sections. However, classes seven through nine deals exclusively with heavy-duty trucks.

Class Seven is a heavy-truck that weighs between 26,000 to 33,000 pounds. Class eight deals specifically with 33,000-pound+ trucks, like semi-trailer trucks.

The ninth class is in the same weigh range as the eighth class. However, this is simply the class eight trucks with special characteristic. These are also referred to as super-heavy and special-duty trucks.

Are Heavy-Duty Truck Parts Different Than Regular Truck Parts?

Now that you know what your heavy-duty, class eight truck is, let’s talk about what important parts you should be familiar with that are specific to your big, bad class-eight truck.

Many of your heavy-duty trucks will operate similarly to cars, having the same types of parts making up the engine, suspension, and driveline components.

While trucks operate similarly that cars do, it’s important to remember that they’re giant, automotive machines, so there will be differences and specialized parts.

What are Some Specialized Parts?

Heavy Truck Parts FAQBig, heavy-duty, class 8 trucks operate using brake drums as opposed to brake pads. The brake is the device that stops your heavy-duty truck from moving.

It’s the literal stopping mechanism on your truck You can use it to slow down or stop entirely. Your brake drums are short, broad cylinders attached to your truck’s wheels where the brake shoe presses.

Essentially, the drum brakes press against your spinning surface.

Your heavy-duty has parts that your average car or truck will have – suspension, starters, alternators, batteries and more. But, it also has other parts a normal automobile doesn’t, like DPF Filters.

The DPF filter – or the diesel particulate filter – is an important device in your heavy-duty truck that removes the diesel particulate matter, also called soot, from the exhaust gas of your diesel engine.

Diesel engines produce lots of different particles during combustion, including harmful soot particles.

Other parts that your average truck won’t have are overhaul kits and turbo kits. Overhaul kits are the bag kits that contain the gaskets, seals, and rings to correctly seal your heavy-duty truck’s transmission.

Overhaul kits usually include replacement pistons, piston rings, gasket sets, and liners. A turbo kit is a turbocharger that is an exhaust driven air compressor.

The power of your truck is directly related to the amount of air introduced into the cylinders. The more air, the more power for your truck.

Where Can I Find Heavy-Duty Truck Parts? Should I Buy Parts Online?

Your heavy-duty truck deserves the best parts you can find it, but you’ll want to make sure you buy components that fit your budget, too.

While truck and fleet owners can always find parts from their supplier or their OE, it’s important to remember that you can locate parts for your heavy-duty truck in other spots, too.

There are tons of places online and in-store to purchase the truck parts you’ll need. Whether they’re new, used, from the OE, or from the aftermarket (see the next section to learn more about the aftermarket!)

it’s vital you do your research before purchasing a part.

Value Counts

No matter where you’re buying from, in-store, from a trusted OE, in the aftermarket, or online, remember that price isn’t always the only factor to consider.

The value in the part really comes from the availability. Also, from what it will bring to your truck. If you’re picking parts – from any retailer or aftermarket seller—there is true danger in only thinking of the price.

Picking a part just on price, from any source, could result in pre-mature failure and having to replace it again in a month’s time, costing you even more in the long run.

Cheaper products, in short, are not always better. They can end up costing you more than a reliable part in grand scheme of things.

In addition to this, don’t let parts or specials that online sites or storefronts offer you fool you. Don’t let fancy packaging, the name of the product, or the store or online retailer you’re buying from fool you.

Always do your homework. Make sure that the product is of top quality and will do exactly what you want it to.

There are hundreds of sites online if you’re interested in purchasing products for your heavy-duty truck that way.

But if you prefer in person, commercial dealers are available in every city. A quick online search for shops in your area should turn up several options.

What is the Heavy-Duty Truck Aftermarket?

Heavy Truck Parts FAQMany may believe the only place to purchase parts for your heavy-duty trucks is from the original equipment channels, also called OE’s and suppliers.

However, there actually exists a much larger, broader, and complex market that operates at a competitive rate.

This market, often called the “aftermarket” is the segment of the trucking industry that involves a vast range of businesses.

From the companies that manufacture trucks and their own replacement parts to those that sell and install the parts, this is a broad and booming market section.

In layman’s terms, the aftermarket is the market for spare parts, accessories, and components for motor vehicles. Specifically, it’s a secondary market that is not the supplier or OE, that supplies accessories, spare parts, second-hand equipment, and other goods used for repair and maintenance.

You can call these replacement markets or secondary markets. Often, purchasing the parts second-hand, used, or remanufactured or rebuilt.

One of the important things to remember is that the aftermarket can be both a blessing and a headache when it comes to purchasing parts for your heavy-duty truck.

Often it can act as a much cheaper, more viable option for either the same quality part of even a better-quality part. However, the world of the aftermarket can often be murky or muddied.

It’s important to note that not all parts in the aftermarket are created equal. Just because a part may look like a corresponding part, or appears to be genuine, you still need to make sure it will do the job you require of it flawlessly before purchase.

How Can the Aftermarket Help my Heavy-Duty Truck or Fleet?

Though the aftermarket can potentially be a treasure trove for parts for your heavy-duty truck, it’s important to remain cautious and knowledgeable before purchase.

Make sure you know what you’re buying and that the parts for your heavy-duty truck are up to design and functionality standards.

Many OEs and suppliers will have you believe that the aftermarket is all bad, listing the expensive, time-consuming, and sketchy quality factors as negatives for the aftermarket.

While it’s important to consider these points, take a look at them with a grain of salt and remember where the message is coming from. OEs want you to purchase for them, and while they make valuable points about the aftermarket.

Remember it’s possible to purchase parts from the aftermarket that are functional, excellent quality, and affordable, too. As with everything, it just requires some research and knowledge.

What are some common heavy-duty truck and truck part myths?

Maybe you’ve heard that diesel engines only last a few years. Or perhaps that the only consideration for truck parts is the price of the component, so you’ve been told.

Want to know what’s true and what’s false? We’ve got you covered. Let’s break down some of the top misleading ideas about heavy-duty trucks and heavy-duty truck parts.

Pay attention as we bust some myths about your heavy-duty truck and the parts you buy for it:

Vehicle Age is the Only Factor to Consider

False. Just like you wouldn’t look at just one facet of a regular car, you can’t take the age of the vehicle as the only consideration for whether a heavy-duty truck is valuable.

Or if you can use it to determine which sorts of parts you need for repair. Instead, you need to consider the age of the vehicle in addition to the trade cycle, the part you’ll be implementing, and the quality of the manufacturer who made the part.

Just because a truck is getting up in years doesn’t mean you don’t want to implement replacement parts of the highest value to keep you truck optimized.

Always keep your truck’s life cycle in mind. But don’t let that automatically determine your price point for replacement parts or accessories.

Because it’s a Heavy-Duty Truck, You Can Only Find and Replace its Parts at the Dealer

Consider this myth officially busted. It’s never an all-around bad idea to get parts from the dealer. However, many truck owners or fleets don’t realize that often, truck parts they need are available through aftermarket distribution.

They also don’t know that often, these parts are either the same, just as good, and in many cases, even better than what’s available at your dealer.

However, buying products in the aftermarket can often be much more cost-effective for the same, or better, quality. Regardless of where you buy the parts, make sure you always do your homework on the piece itself. Have all the facts before purchasing.

Rebuilt and Remanufactured Trucks and Truck Parts are the Same Thing

This one is as fake as it sounds. There’ a big different between heavy-duty trucks and truck parts that have been rebuilt and remanufactured.

For starters, a rebuilder takes the component and fixes what’s wrong, entirely replacing the damaged part. When a truck or a truck part is remanufactured.

You take apart the component completely and the distinct parts of it go to different sections in a manufacturing facility. So, each part has to be credible by its own merit. When you remanufacture a truck or a truck part, you increase the quality of it.

No matter what the part is, be wary and knowledgeable about what parts are going into your truck. Make sure you’re getting the performance you’re expecting out of the product.

It Doesn’t Matter What Truck or Truck Part I Get as Long as It’s Made in North America – There’s a Minimum Standard, You Know

That’s wrong right off the bat. It’s nice to think there’s a minimum standard for your heavy-duty truck parts simply because you’re buying them from a manufacturer in north America.

Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case. For most parts, there’s no criteria whatsoever. You can grind up miscellaneous objects, cast them in a mold, and make a brake shoe out of it.

As unfortunate as that may be. To combat this, always know about the part you’re getting. Make sure it’s made out of safe, reliable material and will do the job you expect it to.

Diesel Engines: Bad for Heavy-Duty Trucks and They Don’t Last as Long as Gas Engines

This one is entirely wrong. For starters, diesel engines are highly ideal for heavy-duty applications like hauling and towing. If your heavy-duty truck is accomplishing these tasks on a daily basis, you’re going to get the most bang for your buck with a diesel engine.

To put it simply, a diesel engine will have superior fuel economy over a gas engine for these kinds of tasks for your heavy-duty truck.

As for the lifespan of engines for heavy-duty trucks, a diesel engine will far outlast a gas engine. The high stresses of diesel require the manufacturers to build the engines with better components – components that last longer in the grand scheme.


Our Final Thoughts on Heavy-Duty Trucks and Their Parts

Heavy Truck Parts FAQHeavy-duty trucks, like any other automobile, can be a complicated and complex vehicle. Whether you’re an owner, looking to be one, a truck enthusiast, or simply curious about heavy-duty trucks.

Getting all the facts straight and answering all of the questions about heavy-duty tracks, whichever class you prefer, is of vital importance.

We’ve included information above on truck parts specific to your heavy-duty design, where to find them, what to avoid, and how to navigate the aftermarket for truck parts.

It’s important to remember our above content is a great jumping off point. Learning about truck parts, where to buy them, and what mishaps you’ll want to avoid is admirable.

However, there’s more to learn about your heavy-duty truck, the components that make up the truck, and how to buy and care for them.

Make sure you study up on your heavy-duty truck, and on the heavy-duty truck parts you plan to use in it (whether rebuilt or re manufactured, from OEMs or from the aftermarket).

This will ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. It will also ensure you’ll be getting the quality you need and deserve.

Have no fear, our list has you covered. Whether you want to learn about how trucks are classified – from light to heavy – or you want to break down some of the common misconceptions about heavy duty trucks and its parts, our content above should answer all of your questions.

Hopefully, we’ve successfully debunked some of the myths and misconceptions about heavy-duty trucks, their parts, and where to find them.

We also hope that we’ve successfully provided some insight on parts for your heavy-duty truck, truck classification, and how to best care and manage your heavy-duty truck.


Top 20 Heavy Duty Truck Parts

The Top 20 Parts Heavy-Duty Truck

Top 20 Heavy Duty Truck PartsYour heavy-duty truck is the master of the road.

It takes you where you need to go, mile after mile, eating up the asphalt beneath its tires.

It reliably transports you from point A to point B, every time.

Whether it’s a highway tractor, a steel-cab model, or a fifth-wheel,

keeping your heavy-duty truck working at its finest is your most important priority.

How can you make sure things are running smoothly for you and your noble steed if you don’t know which parts are the most important?

What Parts In Your Truck Will Need Most Attention?

That’s where we come in.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top 20 most important parts that construct your heavy-duty truck so that you can both stay up-to-date and educated on what’s keeping your hard-working vehicle running.  

But also, you can strengthen your knowledge on the details of each part so you’ll best know when to replace or repair each of them.

We’ll provide you with a few of the need-to-know parts, but take heed– we’re only giving you our list of the top 20!

There are hundreds of parts that make up your traveling machine. To get a good handle on the most important ones, start reading!

Our Top 20 Parts That Make Your Truck Tick


This is one of the most important parts in your heavy-duty truck.

This mechanical component transmits power from your truck’s engine to its drive axle, making the wheels drive the vehicle.

In lay man’s terms, the transmission’s job is to make sure your truck is getting the right amount of power to the wheels to drive at the speed you desire.

Transmission parts can last for a while with heavy-duty trucks. In fact, it’s difficult to pin down a specific amount of time for these giant transmissions.

We recommend checking on your transmission often. Typically, a heavy-duty truck transmission can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $10,000 and beyond.  


The clutch mechanics are some of the most important mechanisms of your drivetrain – this is true with any car, but especially with heavy-duty trucks.

This is a key component in the shifting of your truck, and making sure it’s up-to-par.

This is vital for your truck’s performance. Clutch brakes help prevent wear on the internal transmission parts during your shifts in speed.

You must monitor clutch parts for heavy-duty trucks need closely as you have to repair them more often than your transmission.

Typically, this can cost you between $1200 — $1,800.  

Make sure you check your heavy-duty truck manual to see what specifics are necessary.

You could be paying more, depending on the specific model.

Driveline Components

The driveline components are several parts that make up your driveshaft.

These parts, like your center bearings, drive axle, universal joints, slip yokes and driveline tubing, all help keep your heavy-duty truck ticking.

To summarize, these components transfer stored energy (chemical, solar, kinetic, etc.) into propulsion.

Typically, driveline component repair kits can run anywhere from $40 to $200, depending on the number of tools and number of components you aim to keep in check.

Keep a close watch on these components. Aim to have them looked out and checked at about 50,000 miles, just to be cautious.


One of the most important parts in your heavy-duty truck, your alternator charges your battery.

The alternator works while the truck is running, meaning that while you’re driving hundreds of miles in your heavy-duty automobile.

this part is keeping your battery alive and well and powering up the electrical system so that the next time you put your truck to bed,

you can sleep confidently knowing it will start without a problem in the morning.

Alternators can be expensive pieces to replace, though.

You may need to check your alternator in your truck if it doesn’t start easily, the lights are dim, or other electronic parts are failing you.


The battery in your heavy-duty trucks is your bread and butter. It’s what makes your automobile go, after all!

The battery is responsible for supplying electrical energy to your vehicle and starts your engine, then, the alternator charges the battery to keep your truck running.

Normally, batteries for vehicles aren’t too pricey. Heavy-duty trucks require heavy-duty batteries though, and these bad-boys can run you anywhere from $500 – $1,000 and beyond.

Batteries can last about three to five years, but there are always exceptions.

Make sure you’re taking note of your battery’s condition often so you’re not left stranded.


A starter is a part in your truck that rotates an internal-combustion engine to make the engine start on its own.

In the case of larger engines, like with heavy-duty trucks, the starter can even

be another internal combustion engine. These starters are heavy-duty, electrical motor devices.

Often, if your engine won’t start, the problem is with your starter.

You should replace the starter every eight years in regular cars, but if you’re using your heavy-duty truck commercially,

it’s likely they’ll need replacing every two or three years.

Make sure you check your heavy-duty truck manual to see if there are any specific guidelines for your truck model about when to replace the starter.


Price: $28.80
Was: $29.94

A less vital or serious part of your truck, the muffler still acts as necessary pieces to keep your heavy-duty truck running smoothly.

These devices decrease the noise emitted by the exhaust of the internal combustion engine – and with a truck like yours, you probably really appreciate these.

Though mufflers aren’t the most important part on your truck, you should still check them frequently.

Typically, they can cost anywhere from $100-$500 and beyond to replace.

Band Exhaust Clamps

These parts do exactly what they say – they provide clamps to your exhaust pipe to keep a seal without deforming the pip in any way.

These parts are vital to your exhaust pipe. Though not typically expensive parts to repair or replace, it’s important to always have them on hand.

You should be able to find some for your heavy-duty truck from $15 to $30 and beyond. Your manual should be able to provide you with some insight on which to use.

You can always check with your local heavy-duty truck mechanic to see if they have any thoughts on how much you should be paying for your exhaust clamps.

Signal Lighting

Your turn signal lights are of vital importance on the road – not only do they keep you focused and at attention, but most importantly,

they alert everyone else on the road where you’ll be driving and what direction you’ll be turning.

How often have you had a heavy-duty truck in front of you with a turn signal light out switch into your lane? It’s terrifying, but more than that, it’s dangerous.

Heavy-duty trucks without adequate signal lighting are a danger to everyone on the road, themselves included.

As soon as they’re showing signs of dimming, you should replace your lights. Typically, you can find replacements ranging from $30 to $100 and beyond.

Overhaul Kits

Here, we’ll talk about one of the fun parts of your heavy-duty truck – your overhaul kit.

Overhaul kits are the bag kits that contain the gaskets, seals, and rings to correctly seal your heavy-duty truck’s transmission.

Overhaul kits should usually include replacement pistons, piston rings, gasket sets, and liners.

These kits help repair and rebuild your transmission and can cost anywhere from $3,000 and upward.

DPF Filter

The DPF filter – or the diesel particulate filter – is an important device in your heavy-duty truck that removes the diesel particulate matter, also called soot, from the exhaust gas of your diesel engine.

Diesel engines produce lots of different particles during combustion, including harmful soot particles.

These DPF filters, vital to your truck and its performance, can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 to replace.

It’s a steep price, but worth the cost to purchase a quality filter that will keep your heavy-duty truck running efficiently.

License, Backup, and Interior Lighting

Equally as important to your truck’s lighting is your backup, license, and interior lighting. Again, these not only help other drivers stay in-the-know about what your heavy-duty truck is doing,

but it’s also majorly illegal to have malfunctioning lighting on your truck. Replacing these fixtures costs only about $20-$80, typically, but can run you a bit more depending on your truck model.

Regardless, it’s important you check on these regularly and replace them as often as needed. Oftentimes, they’ll go out at inconvenient times, so preparation is key.

Making sure that you’ve changed out your backup and brake lights often prevent these issues.


The system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connect your heavy-duty truck to its wheels is the suspension.

The suspension allows relative motion and takes care of all the bumps and dips that your truck handles. Your suspension is important, and keeping your truck’s suspension in check is vital to its handling.

Think about replacing your suspension every 3-4 years, sooner if your heavy-duty truck is constantly on the move.

Your heavy-duty truck manual should be able to provide you with a more concrete idea of when your suspension needs replacing, but make sure to keep an eye on the way your truck rides.

If it feels shaky or un-supportive, take it into your local heavy-duty truck mechanic for a check-up.

Shock Absorbers

Your truck’s shock absorbers will do a few different things for your heavy-duty machine.

First, it will control the movement of the springs and your suspension, and secondly, it will keep your tires touching the ground always.  

Remember that time last week you drove over that speed bump too fast? Your shock absorbers are what kept your heavy-duty truck fully grounded and protected your truck and its chassis from damage.

Shock Absorbers will be different for various kinds of vehicles, but some manufacturers say that you should replace them every 50,000 miles.

Keep an eye on the way your truck drives and try to pinpoint any trouble spots you feel when driving over bumps and potholes.   

Air Bags

Though not a vital part of the running of the vehicle, airbags are one of the most important safety features in your heavy-duty truck — arguably, in any vehicle on the road.

Your airbag is a safety device held in your steering wheel and other areas in your vehicle, that inflates quickly when your truck collides with something, providing you with the protection you need.

Air bags don’t usually wear out, but if your airbag light comes on, it’s important you get it checked out right away.

If you’ve used your airbag in an emergency situation before, we recommend you make sure it’s fully functional again before getting back on the road.

Trailer Suspension

Not technically a part of your truck, the trailer suspension is still an important piece for the cohesiveness of your heavy-duty system.

The trailer suspension is a rubber equalizer designed to improve the ride of the trailer that’s hitched to your heavy-duty truck.

Slipper leaf springs replace standard equalizers, acting as a part of the suspension system that provides an attachment point that can stabilize a 7,000-pound axle.

Repairs and replacements can be relatively pricey, with cost starting at around $2,000 and climbing.

Keep an eye on your system to make sure it’s in check and take a look at your heavy-duty truck manual for specifics on your particular suspension.

Brake Drums

The brake system on your truck is a complicated, and multi-part operating system. For now, we’re simply going to focus on the brake drums themselves.

How can we not discuss one of the most important parts of your heavy-duty truck? The brake is the device that stops your heavy-duty truck from moving.

It’s the literal stopping mechanism on your truck You can use it to slow down or stop entirely. Your brake drums are short, broad cylinders attached to your truck’s wheels where the brake shoe presses.

Essentially, the drum brakes press against your spinning surface (the tire). These can last you anywhere from 25,000 to 75,000 miles,

though mechanics often suggest a sweet spot in the middle – make sure you’re keeping an eye on the performance of your brake drums at get them replaced somewhere in the 50,000-mile zone.


Your J-hook is the ultimate tool for your heavy-duty truck when it comes to towing and cargo carrying.

The J-hook is what mounts onto the WG and helps hold the WG closed until you reach a higher boost pressure. You can find J-hooks for about $55 and up.

It’s important that you pick the correct j-hook for the weight you wish to tow, so make sure you’re picking the j-hooks with the appropriate strength for the rest of any existing assembly component.


Tarp Straps & Bungee Straps

More of an accessory than a crucial piece of your heavy-duty truck, tarp straps, and bungee straps are flexible,

long bands with hooks at both ends that help secure cargo to the bed of your heavy-duty truck while you try to transport it.

Relatively inexpensive, you can find kits and packs of these useful tools starting at about $15, however,

if you want something extravagant, you can always pay a bit extra for length and extra weight support.

Some stores sell these for up to $80! Check out your local car or auto shop for advice and prices on these useful cargo pieces.


You can find differentials on all modern cars and trucks, and even in your heavy-duty truck.

A differential is a device that helps split the engine torque two separate ways, allowing each output to spin at a different speed.

The average cost to repair a differential, depending on the model, is about $200-$400, but that’s just for a car.

Your heavy-duty truck will likely be much more expensive, in the $600+ range. Most manufacturers recommend that you replace your differential fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 miles,

but take a look at your truck manual to see if they advise anything different for your specific model.


Our Final Words on the Essential Heavy Duty Truck Parts You Need

There you have it! Our compiled list of the top twenty most crucial parts for your heavy-duty truck.

Check it out above and read up on the parts you should be paying most attention to when you’re assessing your heavy-duty truck.

From the suspension to the brake pads to the cargo accessories, we’ve put together the best top-twenty list we could muster!

Again, note that your heavy-duty truck has hundreds of incremental, vital parts that keep it running smoothly, so it’s important to make sure you’re educated on as many as you can so you can keep your truck on the road doing its job.

There’s always more information available on each of these parts, but we hope these summaries helped get you started.

Thanks for reading our list! We hope that our compiled top-20 list of most important  heavy duty parts for has got you in the know!


Classic Chevy Parts

Classic Chevy Parts

So you are restoring a classic Chevrolet car or truck. You are going to need parts! How do you look for these hard to find items? Where can you get the best deals? You should be able to find everything you need to make your dream car a reality.

An Essential Tool

If you need engine parts for a 1958 or later Chevy, there is a very helpful tool for your search. It is a book called the  Chevy Big-Block Engine Parts Interchange.This will help you to identify a range of models the part you need could come from. This book can give you more options to find elusive parts. For more common parts, you will have more to choose from for the best price and condition.

Join a Chevy Classics Club

Classic car clubs have fun events for enthusiasts. They can also be a goldmine for parts. Other members may have some of the parts you are looking for. Members can also recommend commercial parts vendors they trust. They might also have good advice about installing the part, once you do get your hands on it.

If you are looking for replica parts, car club members can help. You can personally see and touch replica craftsmanship on their cars. If it meets your standards, you can get the contact info for the company.

If clubs, events, and meetings arent your thing, there are car clubs that exist online. Many of them have online classifieds you can peruse in your search for parts.

Car Shows

If there will be a car show in your area, see if there will be a swap meet. You might find the parts you are looking for there. If you dont find the parts you need, ask around. According to, word of mouth is a big part of classic car restoration. Someone may not have the part you need, but they may know someone who does.

Expertise and advice will also be available at a car show in large supply. You can gain a lot of valuable knowledge that will save you time in the long run.

Online Forums

In this day and age, online forums are extremely specific. features forums for Chevrolets by year. This is a great place to ask around about parts. You can also find manuals and other important information here.

Online Dealers

You can find dealers online who specialize in parts for specific classic cars. This can be an efficient way to get the parts you need. Many of them also have expert staff who can help with installation advice. These dealers can be extremely expensive. However, you are supporting small business with your dollars if you do shop here.


For parts that are no longer manufactured, salvage can be a great option. It can also save you money. There may or may not be any guarantees on these parts, so choose wisely. Parts that are not mechanically essential are your safest bet.

The cheapest way to obtain salvage parts is the traditional one: going to a physical junkyard. Most junkyards will tell you whether they have models you are looking for if you call ahead. You may need help from friends to lift heavy parts, and you definitely need to bring tools.

Online salvage searches can help you to cast a wider net. This is slightly more expensive. However there are advantages. Parts shipped directly to you. You can also access a wider selection of parts from a database that combines many junkyardsholdings.

Replica Parts

If you cant find an original part in good condition, you may have to go replica. Not all replica companies are equal.

One highly reputable replica company is Auto City of Isanti Minnesota. Their work has been featured in Classic Cars magazine and many other places. Their consumer reviews are also consistently high. Auto City has many specialties, including 1958 Chevrolets, glass, and gas tanks.


Finding parts for your classic car is not like just going to the Napa down the street. The hunt for parts is a part of the adventure. It can take you to new places and help you to meet new people. Good luck with your project!

Aftermarket Heavy Duty Truck Parts

If you are looking for a new part for your truck, it is important to consider whether you are interested in an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part or an aftermarket part. Aftermarket parts are parts that are manufactured by an independent company.


The pros and cons of purchasing an OEM part are extremely straightforward. However, not all aftermarket parts are equivalent to each other. If you do decide to purchase aftermarket parts, it is important to evaluate the part source.


Benefits of Buying OEM Parts


OEM parts are made by the company that made your truck, using the same materials and standards as the original. The quality assurance that comes with OEM parts is the biggest benefit to buying these parts.


Aftermarket parts are made by independent companies. They may not be made of exactly the same materials and they may not be manufactured to the same standards. What makes this issue even more pressing is that there are no rules or laws governing imported aftermarket parts. An unscrupulous manufacturer can make a part from inferior materials and legally sell it to US customers. That being said, there are many aftermarket manufacturers that make extremely high quality parts.


OEM parts typically come with a warranty that further protects your investment. Many aftermarket parts do not.


OEM part replacement can protect the resale value of your truck.


Drawbacks of Buying OEM Parts


The biggest drawbacks to purchasing OEM parts are price and availability.


OEM parts are typically the most expensive parts on the market. Aftermarket parts that are made by a reputable manufacturer can save you money while still giving you a high quality product. It all depends on the specific aftermarket manufacturer and dealer.


OEM parts are not as widely available and often have to be special ordered. You may have to choose between a period of downtime for your truck while waiting for a part, and going with an aftermarket part. This can often tip the balance towards purchasing an aftermarket part so you can get back on the road.


What to Look For in Aftermarket Parts


Believe it or not, there are no standards in labelling, product descriptions, testing, or quality control for aftermarket parts. Therefore it is up to you, or to a reputable dealer, to investigate with a “Buyer Beware” mentality. Your safety may be on the line.


High quality aftermarket part suppliers provide:

  • End-user training and technical support
  • In-house product specific experts
  • Available literature on part materials
  • Available literature on part design specifications, tolerances, etc.
  • Warranty and return policy


Form a Relationship

A good parts distributor has done a lot of the legwork to determine which parts are worth purchasing, and which are not. A distributor with expertise around your make and model and good policies around returns and warrantees can save you a lot of time, money, and aggravation. Distributors that have invested in education and training tend to be more successful. Therefore, these distributors are likely to be around for you for the long haul.


Aftermarket Parts to Run Away From

Some of the aftermarket market is still the wild west. Aftermarket consumers can receive the wrong part, or parts that don’t fit. Make sure you can return anything you buy. Before making a purchase, try contacting the vendor. If you can not reach a human or if you reach someone with no knowledge about the product, look elsewhere.


Many companies build a strong reputation based on the quality of their products, only to be purchased by another company with lower standards. If you have good results with a particular brand of parts, keep an eye on the brand. Make sure it hasn’t been purchased by another company since your last purchase.


Aftermarket parts can often be 60% cheaper than OEM parts simply because they do not have the brand name. However, if a part is substantially cheaper than even the other aftermarket parts on the market, you should be suspicious. The part may not be as durable, it may be made from inferior materials, or it may not have gone through the same quality control process.


Safety First

The decisions you make when buying parts for your truck should put safety first. Whether you purchase an OEM part or an aftermarket part, make sure you are getting quality.



Benefits of Semi Truck Accessories

Many semi truck accessories on the market today improve the performance of your class 8 truck. One benefit of those truck accessories is that they make it more fun and comfortable to drive. Additional benefit those truck accessories provide is Increased performance as well as increased wear and tear on your heavy duty truck.

Improved Look

While most truck drivers drive for the paycheck, others take pride in their rig. The right truck acceccories can make your semi sound louded and look prettier.

Attracting a lot of attention is rewarding to truck drivers that take pride in their 18 wheeler. Anyone that is interested in making their big rig more powerful and attractive at the same time should check out the following semi truck accessories.

Added Functionality

Sometimes you not only want good performance but fuel efficiency. Many accessories can help with this as well.

A lot of truck drivers work long hours. Those drivers are far from home and far from their families. It’s not easy, but the hardships of being a truck driver are sometimes eased by the right semi truck accecories.

Another difficulty experied by drivers is the excessive costs of being on the road. In many cases, these semi truck accessories can save you time and money, getting you back home to your family faster, and with more of your paycheck in your pocket.

Semi Truck Accessories for Added Looks

#1 Semi Truck Audio Systems

Audio systems are a fun addition to your interior if you listen to a lot of music. The audio system is specially important to truck drivers that spends long hours on the road.

Those truck drivers require specialized audio system with many features. For example , Bluetooth technology and mp3 capability. Bluetooth integration is a convenient feature if you make or receive a lot of calls for work or from your family at home.

In addition, some of the audio systems comes with navigation narration. Navigation comes in handy if you are on the road a lot in unfamiliar places.

#2 Chrome accessories

Chrome accessories such as wheels, pipes, steering wheels, pedals, tool and battery boxes, brush guards, and more can give that extra shine.
LED lighting is showy, so make sure you prepare yourself for all of that extra attention!


#3 Window tinting

Window tinting keeps the sun from warming up the interior of your truck, making it a more comfortable ride and reducing strain on the air conditioning.

Storage and organization options abound when it comes to wanting to keep your living space on the road tidy.


#4 Seat covers

Seat covers are more easily cleaned than seats and save you time.
Cabin air filters, especially reusable ones like K&N, keep the air inside your truck clean.

#5 Shift extensions

Shift extension are designed for better arm reach so that you can shift more comfortably.

It might help to equip your truck with a shift extension if you do a lot of city driving where you shift more often.

#6 Driveshaft modifications

Drive shaft modification can help increase performance by either shortening, straightening, or balancing.

#7 Lift Kits

Lift kits are designed not to alter the ride of your truck, and because the shocks do not need replacing, it is a little cheaper than a suspension lift kit.

It also equips the vehicle with a certain off-road advantage.

However it does require lifting the body of the truck and bolting it back in place, so be sure you’re ready for the challenge!

#8 Turbochargers

Turbochargers run off of the waste energy produced by your engine, so they boost performance, and it is more efficient than a supercharger.

It’s a pricey modification, but worth it if what you want is increased acceleration.

#9 Stacks

Stacks can improve the look and performance of your truck.

Stacks are shorter and more free-flowing than exhaust pipes that exit out the back of your truck, but if you are not a fan of the look, you can tone them down by making them shorter or smaller.

Higher quality shocks improve your ride, making it more comfortable on long distances or bumpy roads.

#10 Chips and Tuners

Chips and tuners install in your engine to give you increased power, torque, and miles per gallon.

#11 Exhaust and intake manifolds

Exhaust and intake manifolds make your truck more efficient.

Stock components such as these are designed to reduce noise, not increase performance, so replacing them gives you more power.

If you don’t use the extra power and continue to drive the same way you did before, the savings show up in your gas mileage instead.

#12 Trailer tails

Trailer tails reduce drag and save fuel. If you install these, you will see something between a five and fifteen percent savings.

In conclusion

Let’s face it. If you use your truck for work, you spend a lot of time inside. You should add any semi truck accessories that would make your truck be more attractivemore functional, while you are on the road.

It’s important to determine what you want out of your truck and then choose the accessories accordingly. They don’t all look good, and they aren’t all cheap, but if you choose wisely, you’ll be happy with the result and enjoy the improvements along the way.

Heavy Duty Truck Salvage – Is it a good idea?

truck salvage

Heavy Duty Truck Salvage – Is it a good idea?
The salvage heavy duty trucks may sound forbidding to the prospective buyers. There’s a big debate going on over whether it is safe to buy a heavy duty truck with a salvage title. The critics of heavy duty salvage trucks always argue that since the buyers can’t always know for sure how the truck’s condition initially was. Even then, if you are willing to take the risk, they are a great opportunity to save money when buying a heavy duty truck. Before that, one needs to understand what a salvaged vehicle really is.

What are salvaged vehicles?
Simply, these vehicles are the ones that have been wrecked, damaged, or destroyed. Their condition is very poor to the extent that the insurance company considers it useless to be repaired, as the cost gets uneconomical. However, the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the insurance companies thus the vehicle is not repaired. After this situation, the owner has issued a payout. It is determined by the pre-accident value of the vehicle. Under such circumstances, the vehicle is termed as salvaged.

To understand this, consider the example of a truck that has been involved in an accident. This truck needs more than $15,000 in repairs. Now, the insurance company will determine the pre-accidental value of the truck and will pay that amount to the owner of the truck. It would be considered a loss.

In the majority of the conditions, the heavy duty trucks undergo a substantial amount of damage. Even after the repair, the reliability and longevity of the truck are questionable. However, some may also find luck with the salvage titled trucks. Here are some of the factors associated with the heavy duty salvaged trucks.

The Mystery Factor
Finding out the history of a truck with a salvage title isn’t difficult. There are many ways you can get the information. However, there are many scenarios where a truck is branded with a salvage title. It is important to test the actual standards first like the heavy duty truck drivers do. Sometimes, the truck had a very little damage and marked as salvage while there are times when the vehicles have extensive damage to the body, electrical systems, and engine failure. In the end, a salvage title truck is always a roll of the dice.

Hassle of truck’s registration
Even if you buy a salvage truck and make all the necessary repairs for it to run, another hurdle to might have to face during the process is that of registration.
The new owner of the truck cannot register the truck and has to pass through a set of inspections and certifications. Although one can get a proof of ownership and registration application through vehicle inspection with the Highway Patrol. If the truck doesn’t undergo the inspection, it is not a suitable option to buy. The registration cannot be completed without the repairs.

Insurance Problems
Another problem by buying heavy duty salvage truck is getting through the procedures of the insurance company. They only cover the salvage trucks if you pay large premiums for the vehicle. On the other hand, some insurance companies will pay out nothing on claims because the truck has no value. So, for buying a heavy duty salvage truck, it is only a good deal if you do your homework properly and tries to negotiate a reasonable agreement.

Resale value
If you buy a new truck, there is a 100% chance you can sell it at a good price after some years. The problem with a salvage heavy duty truck is the resale. You would hardly get a good deal. Their reason being the truck owners are wary of the purchases that can’t be valued normally. In addition to this, salvage vehicles are rebuilt with low-grade auto parts. This shows that the truck owner who wants to make the most out of his salvaged heavy duty truck will not be able to drive them until they are worn out.

Pros of Buying Salvaged Heavy duty Truck Parts
However, there also some of the pros for buying a salvaged heavy duty truck.

Lower Price
Heavy duty trucks are very expensive. You have to spend plenty of money to get your hands on one. After you are done purchasing it, you have to spend on other things too like registration, insurance, etc. If you look through the right junk yard, there are chances to get salvage heavy duty trucks in a very good condition. For evaluation take an experienced mechanic with you. You can turn your heavy duty truck into something very special by making minor changes in the engine if the mechanic recommends. As a result, you save a lot of money.

Profit Potential 
You can also earn a good amount of money by investing in a salvaged vehicle. There are some cases where a smart, budget-minded human can get the insurer to take care of the reduced value of truck in exchange for a lower premium. On the other hand, you can also buy a salvage heavy duty truck with minor engine issues even the body is damaged. You can use this for shorter distances and let the big guys take care of the longer ones.

How to find gems in the salvage backyard?
You can find very good heavy duty salvaged trucks in a backyard. The experts might argue that it is a risky business. But if you want to drive a vehicle for several years and not interested in resale or investment, here’s how you can find a truck to meet your demands.
Gather the information: For this, you have to be very aggressive with the consumer. You need to find out how the truck was wrecked, whether it was due an accident or a major environmental hazard. This information is mandatory and critical for evaluating the possible damage to the systems of the truck.

1. Test drive: Always look for heavy duty salvage trucks that have engines ready to drive. This indicates that the truck has undergone very less damage and the investment on the engine can be calculated.
Discuss with the insurers: As we have already mentioned, the biggest challenge in getting a salvaged vehicle is the clearance from the insurance company in suitable premiums. Always discuss with the insurance company and look for deals covering the truck.

2. Dig around: You have to check every area of the truck. Observe very carefully the important areas of the truck such as under the hoods or under the upholstery. Doing this, you’ll be able to find the damage done by a flood or fire if any.
These are the only precautions you could take while buying a heavy duty salvage truck. However, despite all these steps, there are still many risks involved. If you are lucky, there are chances of finding a bargain. If you do find something worth investing, make sure you consult the insurance company first since it is the toughest challenge for getting a salvaged vehicle.

Finding the Salvaged Heavy Duty Trucks
There are several sources where you could find the salvage titles for sale. They can be found on the internet, local auctions, and junkyards. It is undoubtedly a great way of saving some money, but the quest of finding one that fits all the important checklists is tough. Here are some places where you could find a heavy duty salvage truck.

A. Internet
There are dozens of websites that can help the customers and connect them to a company or broker that deals with the salvage vehicles. You can easily search in your area using the internet to find a heavy duty truck that meets your criteria.
B. Local Options
The salvaged vehicles are always advertised in the local newspaper. The availability depends on your locality. If you live in populated areas, there are many chances of finding salvage title heavy duty trucks in your area.

C. Other Sources:
There are many other sources of finding a salvage title in your area. You might have difficulty in finding one if you don’t look in the right places. The right place is going to the junkyard. The junkyard owners have a yellow pages directory which will contain details of the trucks available. In this directory, there will be salvage title vehicles that you can check. So, if you are looking for heavy duty salvage truck, visit all the junk yards in your area. This business has a wide variety of vehicles and also those trucks in which you might be interested in.

In Conclusion  
There are many pros and cons of buying a salvaged heavy duty truck. The decision lies in your hand. If you want to use the truck for longer commutes, it is better to find a used truck. But if you are interested in buying a heavy duty truck for shorter distances, save some money and get a salvage title truck.

Most Popular Accessories For Trucks – Katia

Most Popular Accessories For Trucks

Truck AccessoriesWe all love our trucks. They are better companions for us in the off-road journeys, carry most of our luggage without any sweat, survive the toughest terrains, and most importantly make our journeys remember able.

These trucks say a lot about you, wouldn’t you want it to say something good and compliment your personality? They offer a lot to us, but you can still make the most out of their versatility by making using of simple accessories.

Surprised? You don’t have to be. In this article, we have created a list of most popular accessories for your truck which can add to the purpose of the truck and help you in other ways also.

Bed Liners

This is one of the most important accessories a truck owner could have. They are made to protect your truck. Normally, you might damage your truck during hauling with your truck bed. It can happen in every situation whether you are light hauling or heavy hauling.

You always put your truck bed in risk and the chances of damaging it increases. The best option for truck bed liners is the plastic drop in liner. Here’s how these are better types and things you should look for when buying a truck bed liner:

Drop In Bed Liners

This truck accessory is considered to be quite harmful to the truck finish as it is a one piece drop in bed liner.

It is a comparatively new accessory in the truck market that comes in five pieces drop in style bed liner.

It uses the panels to match the exact contour of your truck’s metal sheet making it a huge advancement in the truck industry.

The sidewalls are crafted into a tough polyethene structure having a thick floor. It offers the best and unbeatable protection and doesn’t harm the qualities of the truck bed as it acts as a capsule for your truck box.

Spray on Bed Liners

They have been around for more than a decade now and available in most of the auto shops.

The newest addition to these bed liners is the Xtra. The reason it is named Xtra is that of the extra thickness that comes with it.

The only problem with this bed liner is that once you decide to spray your truck, there is no turning back.

It will fade with time and wear out horribly. If you spray it again, it loses all the charm it had forcing you to get a new one.

Tailgate Accessorize

You have to choose from a wide variety of tailgate accessories available in the market, and all of them are useful in their own unique ways.

Before getting your hands on them, it is important for you to understand their function and benefit.

By familiarizing yourself with different varieties of truck accessories, only then you would be able to purchase something that meets you needs.

There are trucks that don’t require the entire liner. Instead, the entire work is done by a tailgate.

For instance, the truck is protected by a guard made up of diamond plate or any other material against a brunt of the impact.

Thus, this sturdy accessory makes it to the most popular accessories for trucks.

In order to further strengthen the tail gate against the scratches and dents, it gets against the sliding of tools and other objects; there is a protective coating.

Coating your truck with Dee Zee tailgate protector keeps your tailgate in shape for many years.

Heavy Duty Hitch

For trucks, there are a great variety of options for towing to browse. In this article, we will be covering the most widely recognized towing tool utilized today.

A few trucks have trailer hitches incorporated with their back guard, others have a typical trailer hitch introduced on them from the processing plant, and others will do not have a trailer hitch by and large.

You’ll have to assess what your truck has and go from that point. Hitch ball sizes are the same and a tow choice generally found on trailers which are proposed for substantial burdens utilize a pindle hitch.

A pindle hitch is essentially a doughnut or ring which is made of thick steel that can deal with the outrageous torsional stretch.

Bigger trucks additionally have fifth wheel mounting focuses in the bed of the truck, to which a fifth wheel hitch can be mounted.

These wheels are utilized for pulling overwhelming burdens since it utilizes a considerably more grounded hitch association and because it focuses the weight on the vehicle between the axles.

This shields the truck from tipping over in reverse once it’s stacked.

Like a fifth wheel is the gooseneck hitch. A gooseneck hitch likewise joins to the bed of the truck and in this way focuses the trailer’s weight, yet a gooseneck hitch utilizes a customary ball-style hitch as opposed to the fifth wheel-style of hitch association.

If you are towing a substantial load, you might need to buy a weight appropriation framework or stabilizer bars to help diminish or take out trailer influence.

Tool Box

The trucks due to their versatility and strengths are used for longer routes. They are suitable for off-road drives and bear a great amount of resistance against the rocky roads. Consider yourself on a journey to one of your favorite destinations and your trucks breaks down in the middle of the road.

You need tools to fix your car and relying on the company fitted tool is the worst mistake you can make. It might not have all the tools that you need, and you might end up in a great trouble. So you need a bigger tool box to deal with the situation like these. There are many good quality tools are present in the market. You can also find these online, but before getting this popular truck accessory, you need to find out the tools which you really need.

Bed Extender

Your truck should have a great hauling capacity in your truck so that you can load all sorts of stuff without going through the problem of space.

You can increase your truck’s hauling capacity by the simple addition of a bed extender. It attaches to the tailgate and in turn spares you additional feet of carrying space.

However, your tailgate will get a lot of strain using this accessory as it is the extension of the truck itself.

To solve this problem, you can add a spare tailgate. It is an important accessory, and you should get it to maximize your truck’s productivity.

Loading ramp

We all have been through a situation in which loading of luggage or other heavy objects becomes exhausting for us. To make things simpler, another popular truck accessory to get is the loading ramp.

With the help of the loading ramp, one could easily load large objects. They don’t take much space and can be stored in the truck bed.

Camper Shell

In the majority of the cases, cargo net or a basic tarpaulin is used to protect the load from the weather; one could simply add a camper shell to make things easier.

By the addition of this accessory, your simple truck literally turns into an SUV.

You can use this as a benefit to free up a sleeping space in the large routes, or you can protect the luggage from the weather. Thus a camper shell is a popular truck accessory that you can get.

Running Boards

This is another important accessory to get as it helps you to get inside the truck quite easily. This is a perfect accessory for you if you are a family man and have little kids.

Your kids can hop inside your truck quite easily, and the new running boards come with adjustable heights. You can change it according to your ease.

Custom Wheels

Your truck has every right to look good after all the hard work it does for you. You can simply add to the appearance of your truck by getting custom wheels. This is one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your rig.

You can change the way you ride. However, always make sure you get the right-sized tires for your truck and stay away from anything larger than 38 inches.

Suspension Kit

Whenever you are traveling off the road, the most important thing is ground clearance. This is to ensure that you don’t damage the undercarriage accidentally.

Having a suspension kit gives you an amazing ground clearance, and you don’t have to worry about hitting the rock bottom of the truck on the ground.

Final Thoughts!

There are many other accessories available in the market too. These are the most popular accessories you can have for your truck because they can increase the productivity and protection of your truck to a great extent.